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Fraud Episode 28 Written Update and Review

Let’s continue with the bullet list because this drama (all dramas) annoy me now.

  1. Nisar, Shahnaz and Maya visit Nayal at the hospital. Emotional scene as Nisar and Nayal cry and repent. Maya suggests that Shaziya should be moved to a different hospital. Nayal apologizes to Maya, kinda, sorta. Oh, I didn’t mention it in the previous episode. I found out that Nayal and Maya had also married (missed that during the hiatus).
  2. Tooba and Shujaat are bitching about Maya (I couldn’t think of a better word). Shujaat cribs about Maya’s supposed greed. He’s trying very hard to portray Maya in a negative light.
  3. Shaan has brought Zimal to his office. Zimal misses Maya, and the family has some phone-bonding. Sweet!
  4. On the other hand, Shujaat’s father is also ill. Operation is the only way out, which will need 20-22 lakhs. Guess how Shujaat will manage these funds. He is seen lurking around and checking the files to find a loophole.
  5. Shaziya loses the battle of life. Maya hears the news and lets it slip that Shaziya spent her life apologizing for sins she didn’t commit. Would Shaan find out?
  6. Asma and Tooba are plotting to “steal” from Shaan, and Maya listens to their conversation. She knows the truth and yet doesn’t tell Shaan. I guess she’s the one to hide the most secrets.
  7. The episode ends as Asma threatens Maya to keep her mouth shut. Ouch! Will Maya listen to her saasu maa? We will find out next week. I mean, we will find out next week. I’m in no rush to see the promos etc.


Doh Dil Mil Rahe Hain…

That’s the song that came to my mind when I saw Shaan and Maya together. They make such a good lookin couple. I like how their equation is depicted. Shaan doesn’t like women who talk back, Maya isn’t the one to hold back her thoughts and opinions. However, there is a fine line that Maya doesn’t cross, and that makes their relationship so balanced and enjoyable.

Like I said, a great couple.

Speaking of couples, I hate, hate, HATE Shujaat and Tooba’s scenes. They have no work except sitting with each other.

Alright, see ya later.


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Shabana Mukhtar