An Announcement | Taking a Hiatus

That’s right. 

I have overworked and overstretched myself both work-wise and blogging-wise. Just look at the number of posts in the past quarter-it’s more than 1000 posts.

That’s crazy.

This blog has had different meanings and purposes over the past five years. A place to vent out my frustration, a place to promote my books, a place to do book reviews, and then finally a place to voice my opinions about everything.

That continued for about 4 years.

Until now…

In 2022, I went a little overboard trying to do reviews for all dramas that start. It left me exhausted. I didn’t enjoy the dramas anymore as I was watching them to review, not to relax or watch a story unfold. I even hated some reasonably good stories just because I was perpetually irritated. In the past few weeks, for most of June 2022, I didn’t follow my review schedule. I abandoned a couple of dramas midway. It was a sign, people.

As for the exhaustion on work front, I will not bore y’all with the details. Let’s just say I’m tired.

To rejuvenate and to rediscover myself, I’m taking a hiatus. I won’t be watching any dramas or do any reviews, and I won’t be reading /writing any books. If I find/learn something interesting, I will share it here. The hiatus could be a month or more depending on how much time I can stay away from this blogging addiction 😀

This website would still be alive and active with some prescheduled posts while I’m gone. Also, Lisa would be doing some reviews depending on her availability. We’ll meet when I return.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Liza Joel says:

    Rest well shabana! We’ll miss you!

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