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Writer: Ali Moeen

Director: Abdullah Badini Producer: Zeeshan Ahmed

Executive Producer: Tamoor Tariq

Produced by: Mont Blanc Entertainment

Dushman Synopsis

It’s an adventurous and action-packed story revolving around the two landlord families who are indulged in rivalries.

Dushman Episode 6 & 7 Written Update and Review

This was a long-updated review. So I decided to combine episodes 6 and 7. 

Sassi seeks refuge

Waris’s funeral happens as Sassi arrives at Malkani’s haveli. She breaks down seeing her husbands body being taken away.

Sassi steps foot into the haveli and pleads Malkani to seek refuge. Malkani accepts. But Ranjha is suspicious of Sassi.

Malkani warns Sassi, that she would keep Sassi. If and only if Sassi doesn’t betray or lie to her.

Sassi is now officially Malkani’s handmaiden.

Mai Laali’s quest

Mai Laali is hell bent on finding Sassi and enlists Rani to go back to Waris and Sassi’s house. In hopes that she might be hiding there.

Ranjha is suspicious…

Sassi needs proof that she is Waris’s wife. In case her bhand gets exposed. She decides to go back to her and Waris’s house to find her marriage certificate.

Ranjha stealthily follows her. And when she sees Rani and Billa also going that way, she immediately makes a U-turn. Making Ranjha even more suspicious.

Rani and Ranjha have a confrontation. Both hiding their identities. Rani, defeated, goes back to Mai Laali’s.

Sassi’s secret is out…

Sassi is desperate to get her marriage certificate. She can’t risk Malkani finding out. So she tells everything to Ranjha. And the instant 180 degree turnover, Ranjha is committed to helping Sassi and her waris.

But everything goes in vain when Rani gets her hands on Sassi’s possession.

What would Sassi do now?

Sohni arrives

Waris’s sister and Malkani’s daughter arrives. She is a barrister. Smart kid.

She vows to avenge for her brother’s death. Vowing to end Mai Laali’s family. Sassi listens in to their conversation and is afraid.

Would they know Sassi’s truth?

Drama Review

Sohni’s arrival was the best part of the episode. Kya swag thha! Feroza aka Rose looks like a boss!

Everyone’s performance is excellent. Naila Jafferi and Mohsin Gillani scenes are my second favorite. But now, Nadia Afgan, Nayyer Ejaz and Sabeeka Imam’s scenes take the lead. These three are so so good!

Now, I think I know what would happen next. Sohni would trap Zain and then the story would unfold there. Along with Sassi giving birth to Malkani’s waris.

Dushman is a captivating and thrilling watch. It keeps you at the edge of your seat after every epsiode. It just keeps getting better and better!


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