Drama Review | Habs | Episode 8 | You’re Invited to the Big Fat Wedding

Habs | Is Love Really Needed For A Marriage?

ARY’s new drama Habs is an unusual drama with a story that involves a loving couple, trying to make it through the misunderstandings that are created by the unfortunate circumstances and the people around them.

Habs Episode 8 Written Review & Update

Ayesha and her naraazgi

Soo, Basit gets worried when he doesn’t see Ayesha in office and immediately asks his assistants to find her. But that is not needed, as Ayesha herself barges in Basit’s office.

You think because I’m helpless so I’ve got no respect?

Ayesha gives a blow to Basit. He tries to explain but Ayesha doesn’t heed him. A single bit.

Lo and behold, she tells Basit that she is going to resign from the job. But only after she has paid off his loan.


Basit is visibly upset and he decides to take matters in his own hands.


Basit’s visit to Qudsia’s mehal

As the heading suggests, Basit visit’s Qudsia and he expresses his “wishes” to her. Qudsia was skeptical at first but then Basit offer’s her a very attractive deal. Qudsia’s eyes literally turns into money eyes.

Now, Qudsia is one frustrating and confusing character. I get where she is coming from and I get it that she needs a roof over her head. But agreeing to this deal literally equates her actually selling her daughter.

I was wrong. Ayesha doesn’t marry Basit because of her majboori. More like Qudsia sees Basit as a financial “saviour” and vice-versa.


Ayesha hogayi shaadi ke liye raazi

Sadia comes to Ayesha’s house and is under the impression that Ayesha and Basit are Nikkahfied.

Just like in a nick of time, Basit calls Ayeha. But this time, Ayesha listens to Basit.

And then, the part I’ve been waiting for has finally happened!

Basit aapse jhoot bhola thha. Humari Nikkah nahi huyi. Magar hum shaadi karna chahte hai

And Basit arrives, next to Ayesha. In slo-mo.


And bas phir, they have the baat pakki rituals.


But the day after though and the way Basit looks at Ayesha. I mean maybe to him it was money eyes but to us, it was very romantic.


Bano, to my surprise, is happy for Ayesha and they share a small cute moment.

Honourable Mentions

When Zoya opens the door and finds Basit on the other side. And then, she checks him out. Like checks him out.

And part of that contribution was from Feroze’s tight and fitted clothing

And I was thinking, that’s a pretty questionable scene to add in a Pakistani Drama. If the roles were reversed, by now there would be a social hungama.

TV writers/producers, we need to stop sexualising and objectifying our men AND women in dramas.


And also the very cliché scene where Qudsia tries to light herself up because Ayesha doesn’t want to get married to Basit aka Qudsia’s saviour. And Bano and Ayesha tries to stop her. Meanwhile Zoya doesn’t even give a damn!

And Zoya says, “Why are you guys so worried? Our house doesn’t have gasoline and neither would cooking oil catch fire.” And everyone’s face after that.

Zoya is funny.

Drama Review

Habs is getting to a steady crescendo. The actual story would start from episode 9 onwards.

So excited!

As usual, performances are stellar!

Ushna Shah was the star of the episode. And Feroze and Ushna’s chemistry is off the charts.

And how fun would it be to see Irsa as Ushna’s saas? Maazay haye Maazay.


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