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Fraud Episode 3 Written Update and Review

This episode is all about Tabrez and Maya getting married. Nothing stood out, except that Tabrez called it a “project”. And that despite claiming that they don’t want any jahez, Mrs Khawar is okay with 20 lakh cash, gold jewellery and more. And that police came to Tabrez’s house. These are all red flags, flags that Maya or her father don’t see.


Nayal is upset with Maya’s marriage, obviously, and his talk with his mother was quite painful to watch and hear.


Nayal: mohabbat ka khona koi tewhar nahin ki ek din mein mana kar khatam ho jaye.


On Shaan’s side, all we see is that he can’t forget Simal, his daughter (this reminded me of Ammar from Angna, by the way). And the episode ends as he gets something on his phone, presumably a divorce notice.



This episode was quite underwhelming. Also, it was so slow. Even on 2X, I had to skip a few scenes. Bahot slow hai.

But Saba Qamar looks stunning.


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Shabana Mukhtar