Drama Review | Meray Humnasheen | Episode 7

GEO Meray Humnasheen Poster
GEO Meray Humnasheen Poster


Meray Humnasheen

Meray Humnasheen is a mesmerizing narrative encapsulating the struggle between aspiring dreams, hopes and greed for power.

Khajista is a smart, intelligent girl who belongs to a conservative and traditional family that hails from mountainous areas. Her passion to become a doctor stems from her childhood trauma when she lost her mother early on in life. To revolutionize healthcare services, Khajista is filled with hopes and dreams. On the other hand, Khajista’s cousin Darakhzai is a hot-headed and arrogant man whose backward thinking makes him insecure about Khajista’s higher studies and wishes to keep her under his control.

Coming from an educated and well-off family, Hadi is in his final year of medical school and his composed demeanour makes him highly likeable amongst his batch mates. Studying in the same college, Khajista and Hadi’s first encounter leaves them with mixed feelings for each other.

In a dream of becoming a doctor, will Khajista be able to overcome all the challenges? With constant pressure from her family particularly Darakhzai, will Khajista be able to fulfil her dreams or will she remain caught in the dilemma of love and dreams?

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Writer: Misbah Ali Syed
Director: Ali Faizan
Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment




Meray Humnasheen Episode 07 Written Update and Review

Okay, so another episode of Meray Humnasheen is out. Let’s quickly cover the story.

Jealousy At Play

The way Hadi looks at Khajista, it’s enough to trigger an alarm in Aima’s head. While she confronts Hadi for his undue attention to Khajista, the girl walks into the lab. Woh kya kehte hain? Naam liya aur shaitan hazir type. Haha.

Aina tries to be a bit sarcastic to Khajista, and I was like, “girl, haven’t you learned your lesson yet? Khajista is badass.”

I loved how Khajista dealt with Aima. I like how she deals with everyone. This girl has her head on her shoulders. Anywho, so after a little sarcasm in response to Aima’s, Khajista is happy and chill, while Aima is fuming and more jealous of the “pathani.


And more jealousy

Apparently, we can’t have enough of jealousy. So, we see Shanzay whining to Moray about Amroz Khan’s negligence towards his own wife. She even says that he gives Khajista more attention. While Moray tries to calm down Shanzay, Amroz Khan overhears the whole conversation.

Later, he’s like: “don’t cry and complain about me. This is how I’m going to be.” 

I don’t endorse what he’s doing, but I also don’t endorse the way Shanzay is taking her frustration out on Khajista. This couple shows us what couples shouldn’t do, so o guess credit must be given to the writer.

Hadi vs Hassan

Will this sibling rivalry ever stop?

In the previous episode, we saw how Hadi sent Hassan home. Now, Hassan is mad at Hadi for the same. Sabika knows this, and tells Hadi to let Hassan be. I agree with her. If you’re too protective of your younger siblings, they never grow up and are forever dependent on you (personal experience). So, Hadi must leave Hassan alone.

Oh, by the way, Dr Shahryar talks to Hassan and Khajista for their fight earlier. Hassan flatly refuses that he did anything wrong, and Khajista does the same. Bravo girl! I like how you defend yourself. But the scene was cut abruptly. 

Darakhzai and Khajista share a love-hate relationship

Darakhzai is unhappy that Khajista is studying at the medical college, but he does care for her.

On the other hand, Khajista calls Darakhzai “meri maut ka farishta” but she does admit that Darakhzai has some good qualities as well. I like that they are both shown to be open-minded enough about each other.


The Behram Angle

We all know that Behram Khan doesn’t like this family. He has not only put some men to do mukhbiri but also planning to do everything in his power to stop the road work and Khajista’s studies. How he will achieve that is beyond me, but his tall claims do scare me. Mere Amroz ko kuch nahin hona chahiye. 😊

This episode wasn’t as interesting as the first one. It was quite underwhelming, really.

So long!


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