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Fraud Episode 32 Written Update and Review

Some Rant As Usual

I know this review is a week too late. I had seen the episode last Saturday itself and it pissed me off, so much that I decided not to review it.

But you know me. I’m never the quitter. Okay, I quit in some cases, so… I watched today’s episode so reviewing the previous one makes sense, let’s just say that.

With that rant that nobody asked for, let’s get to the episode.

The Cat’s Out

Asma is threatened by Maya’s determination. She fears that Maya would rat them (Asma, Tooba, Shujaat) out to Shaan. So, she chooses to make the first move, you know, to get the early-mover advantage. 

She tells Shaan that Maya was married once, and that she hid the truth from Shaan. Now, Shaan can’t tolerate the he was lied to. So, he does what any desi man can do the best-kick out his wife with nothing in the middle of the night (or beginning of the night. Timing doesn’t really matter). Why didn’t he kick out his mother? She was also part of that lie, right? These men and their double standards. Before anyone comes to his rescue with islamic teaching that you can’t even say “uff” to your parents let alone kicking them out of the house, don’t. This drama isn’t one of those dramas.

Anywho, Shaan wants Tooba to take khula from Shujaat; he is ready to divorce Maya himself. Tooba lies about being pregnant (just like Zoya did in Habs-another drama that has been dragging for ages). Now, Shaan’s hands are tied.

Maya and Her Parents

Maya comes home and whines about her bad luck to her parents. This track was so depressing that I blocked it out of my head and I remmeber nothing except that Maya might seek justice.

My Two Cents 

This drama is dragging so unnecessarily. Just now when I thought that everything is going to be alright, now they have hinted on this angle that Maya would seek justice for herself and every girl that Shujaat has ever wrong. This drama might as well  go on till 60 episodes. I wouldn’t have minded watching those episodes if it was dramatic and fast-paced and funny like Suits (that’s my current obsession), but Fraud is not such that. This drama is so slow, that I type much faster than the characters say their dialogues. Every scene feels like an eternity even on 2X speed. It should have ended by now, that’s all I’m saying.


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Shabana Mukhtar