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Fraud Episode 33 Written Update and Review

You know how I feel about this drama, so we are back to bullet lists to cover the plot.

  1. Shujaat and Asma are back in the game.
  2. Zimal is upset about Maya so Shaan takes her to see Samra, her mother.
  3. Samra talks to Shaan and tells him that Maya might be innocent, because it can’t be possible that 
  4. Asma takes full control of the finances and the company in Shaan’s absence.
  5. Asma confronts Shaan about her feelings, how she was made to feel like an aaya for Shaan. So, this was just her revenge. She might have reasons, but she was so wrong in retaliating at Shaan. Shaan had always put Asma above everyone else-his wife#1, his sdaughter,  his wife#2. 
  6. Maya is out to report Shujaat, but the Inspector has ties with the mastermind of this gang (Tabraiz’s mother, I forgot her name).
  7. Maya takes matters to the social media, and meets a lot of girls who have been ruined at the hands of this gang. Now, she has a will to bring justice to them all.
  8. The episode ends as Shaan devastatingly recalls Samra’s words. Maya and Samra, both were right. Shaan was wrong. Achha maza aaya na bachhoo 😀

To my surprise, this episode was fast-paced and a lot has happened in this episode. I didn’t have to skip any scene, which says a lot. 

I’m still disappointed that this drama is far from over. This isn’t the “2ND LAST EPISODE”, something that I look for every Saturday. 

Anyway, at least this episode didn’t annoy me much. I’m willing to watch another episode next Saturday.

So long!


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Shabana Mukhtar