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Fraud Episode 34 Written Update and Review

So, this is the second last episode, the thing that I have been waiting for since episode 10 of Fraud.
Quickly then,

  1. Shujaat’s father is hospitalized and not recovering. Shujaat loses his temper, and gets a whiplash from the doctor. Arguing with the doctor is never a good idea. I have witnessed several cases when this leads to a huge problem later, but that’s not the point of this post.
  2. Shujaat fakes Asma’s signature to get the monies for the hospital. His father, however, loses the battle before that.
  3. Asma finds out what Shujaat did and insults him. Shujaat is upto something, but he pretends to be apologetic.
  4. Zimal calls Maya from a friend’s phone. Maya meets Zimal at the school, and Shaan sees her, too. He realizes what he had done was wrong, and he has no monies anyway. He doesn’t hesitate from moving in with Maya. Now, this is one happy family where nana nani take care of Zimal while Maya and Shaan plan to start a new garments business where they both can put their knowledge and experience to use. For manpower, Maya has an army of girls who have been wrongs at the hand of gangs like Shujaat’s. This business will take off like anything, I tell you.
  5. Asma comes across as the woman who takes no shit. I’m sure her pride and ego would be shattered in the next episode. She might get sick, or Shujaat might con her. Whatever is the case, she will learn her lesson. I mean, it will be the last episode. Loose ends needs to be tied now, huh?


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