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Habs Drama Complete Recap



Habs is 2022 drama. It involves a loving couple, trying to make it through the misunderstandings that are created by the unfortunate circumstances and the people around them. A marriage without love

(Source: ARY Digital)


Writer: Aliya Makhdoom & Six Sigma Content Team

Director: Musaddiq Malik

Producers: Humayun Saeed & Shahzad Nasib

Production House: Six Sigma Plus Production


Cast & Characters

Ushna Shah as Ayesha Sadiq

The protagonist. A no-nonsense, go-getter. She stands up for herself as well as for her siblings.


Feroze Khan as Basit Salman Khan

The protagonist. He hates women like passionately. Because his mother cheated on his dad, or so he claims. Does not even want to get married, at all. He now manages his father’s textile business.


Ayesha Omar as Soha
Basit’s love interest.

Saba Faisal as Qudsiya

Ayesha, Bano and Zoya’s widowed mother. I don’t call her a miser or frugal but boy does she taunt her kids as well as her sister-in-law for living a miserly life. She wants to wed her daughters into a rich family. Or if that doesn’t happen, she forces her kids to earn a living.

 Javed Sheikh as Salman Khan

Basit’s ill dad but now deceased. His wife had left him for another woman.

 Irsa Ghazal as Sadia

Salman’s former wife and Basit’s biological mom. Basit hates her.

 Hina Rizvi as Bobby

Ayesha’s aunt. She aspires to open her own parlor but is dishonest in the way she sells her products to her customers. She has a way around the house and has no sense about the money situation at home.

 Musaddiq Malik as Fahad 

Basit’s best friend and confidante.

Dania Anwar as Bano

Ayesha’s older sister

 Imran Aslam as Talal

Bano’s cousin and beau.

 Shaziya Qaisar as Shamsa

Talal’s mother, Ayesha’s khala

Janice Tessa as Zoya

Ayesha’s younger rebel sister. I didn’t get her name but she pretty, I like.


The story begins with Ayesha as she gets a gold medal from her university. She has topped her cohort.

Bano, Ayesha’s sister, has a boyfriend, Talal. Talal is her cousin. Shamsa Khala’s son. Talal and Bano are hell bent on getting married to each other. However, Bano’s mother (also Ayesha’s mother) is against it.

Ayesha stands up for her sister. She tells her mum that Bano will get married to Talal no matter what.

Hence, as an ultimatum, Qudsiya also tells Ayesha that she needs to find a job. To support the family as well as for Bano’s wedding.

We see a badass moment from Ayesha as she gives an eve teaser a befitting reply. He was following Zoya, Ayesha’s younger sister. As Ayesha hops from place to place, to find a job. Men from these places harass Ayesha. This is sadly an unfortunate reality in countries like Pakistan, even India too.


We meet Basit Salman, the hero. His scene starts with him staring at a picture of his father. Later, in a flashback sequence, we learn that his father is a cancer patient. Basit’s mother and Salman’s former wife Sadia comes back on Salman’s insistence.

We later learn that Salman died, succumbing to his disease. Sadia stays back to look after Basit and he despises it.

Basit has a meeting with his lawyer, regarding his father’s will. However, the will can only be valid if Basit marries.

But he doesn’t want to get married. Period.


Basit is in a soup. Salman has conditioned his life to his marriage.

Per Salman’s wishes, Basit agrees to meet Soha. Their conversation is interesting. Soha is the new-age girl. She isn’t shy of talking to, or even arguing with, her prospective groom. Ayesha Omer is gorgeous as ever, and she nails her character as Soha. 

Since Basit needs money for his company, he needs to tie the knot asap, so he meets Soha again. Waiting for the unromantic proposal. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…


Talal and Shamsa come to ask for Bano’s hand in marriage. At this point, any reasonable mother would say, “Miyan Biwi Raazi to kya karega Qazi, but Ayesha’s mother doesn’t buy that logic. Since Saba’s character isn’t named yet, we will just call her Saba for sake of simplicity. Saba sounds much metter than “Ayesha’s mother”, right?

Qudsiya humiliates Shamsa and Talal, accusing them of putting Bano against her. Bobby, surprisingly, takes her bhabhi’s side. The conversation gets bitter quickly, making Talal and Shamsa leave the house. This scene was inevitable. We all knew that Saba wouldn’t approve of the proposal so easily. Bobby’s support interested me more than the whole Shamsa-Talal banter. 

We learn that Bobby once liked someone and wanted to marry him, but Saba was against it. Now, she kinda sorta challenges Saba–apni beti ko mana kar ke dikhao to janein. 

One little line explained so much. Bobby’s bitterness and angst against everything, her reckless expenditure, this is all her way of taking revenge. I like it.

Later, Bano meets Talal and they decide to quietly do nikah. While Ayesha isn’t completely on board with this decision, she also knows that this might be the only way for Bano to be happy. Saba overhears this conversation. The expressions on her face were unreadable. Is she guilty of stealing her daughter’s happiness? Or is she thinking of a way to stop this nikah? I can’t say for sure, but I’m curious to know.

It has been only two episodes, and I have watched them both without an intention to review them as  has taken it up, but Habs does intrigue me. For one, it’s title itself tells us that we are gearing up for a suffocating and seemingly steamy romance.

Secondly, the cast is a good mix.

  • It stars Ushna Shah who I like and adore.
  • Feroze Khan is not his usual self as he was in Aye Musht-e-Khak (Mustajab was so annoying), or Hamza in Ishqiya (That was straight up harassement).
  • Throw in gorgeous Ayesha Omer into the mix to create a love triangle.
  • Now, that’s something I maybe interested to see.

This is just my two cents on the second episode of Habs.


Basit and Soha meet for a date when Soha’s friend shows up. She hugs him and Basit is NOT happy about this. Not even one bit. He is immediately reminded of his mother.

He ignores Soha’s calls and tells Fahad that her actions resembles that of his mother’s. Fahad tells him not to jump into conclusions.

Basit gives Soha another chance and he proposes to her.


Ayesha is happy that her sister is going to get married. While Saba is not happy at all. She goes to Shamsa Khala’s house to warn her about Talal’s actions.


Shamsa confronts Talal about his secret Nikkah plan with Bano. Before Talal could do anything, she faints. Like in every desi drama. Predictable much?


Bano is all dressed and prepped to meet Talal when Bano gets the news.

“I can’t come to marry you.”

Bano is heartbroken. I thought she would be sensible but love is blind, I guess.

On the other hand, Qudsiya is happy about this.


Meanwhile Ayesha spots Zoya who was with a guy and Ayesha straightens Zoya up. She immediately informs her mother. Her mother too straightens Zoya up.


Basit reaches Imtiaz’s place to talk about marrying Soha soon. Imtiaz seems to be considering the idea when Soha makes a very stylish entry.

Soha is rightfully upset when Imtiaz reveals Basit’s reason for visit. Soha rejects Basit’s pleas again. And says

When I have already discussed this with Basit, I don’t see the reason why he has to bring this up again with dad. Can’t a discussion between two partners be valid?

I like Soha. She knows how to take a stand for herself. She is also smart and sensible. It’s rare in Pakistani Dramas. I like her already.


Basit comes home perplexed. He has a run in with Sadia. He complains to her for leaving him alone when he needed her the most. Poor Basit, I get this dude. Dude just wants some love.

We then see a flashback between his parents. We see that Sadia wanted Basit in her custody but with Salman’s constant pleas to keep Basit, Sadia has no other choice but to leave Basit under Salman’s care. Sadia really loved Basit. Although Salman and Sadia’s divorce was amicable , Basit still thinks that Sadia is to be blamed for his parents’ separation.


Back at the office, Basit receives another shock. Soha calls off their engagement. This was what I had expected from Soha and I completely side with her. Good job gal!


Ayesha is worried about Bano, as she should. Ayesha tells Bano some wise words of wisdom, about fate. That if their love was ever true, the universe would conspire them to get together. Courtesy from Om Shanti Om. LOL!


Back at Basit’s office, Ayesha gets a class from the boss himself as she misses some details about an upcoming presentation. Basit notices that she doesn’t have a smart phone.


At home, Qudsiya receives another threat from the landlord about their rent. Qudsiya then tells Ayesha:

“Don’t come back home unless you get 4 months worth of rent. Get an advance.”

Our hero, who notices that Ayesha hasn’t left office yet even after office hours, Basit is worried. Ayesha informs Basit about her predicament and our hero gets her job done. He even asks the secretary, Jawad, to get Ayesha a new phone. Sweet!


It was a slow-moving episode last night. But I’ll summarize it below.

Basit and his demons…

Sadia confronts Basit about the engagement being called off. Basit taunts Sadia again about her failed marriage with Salman and blames her, again, for Basit’s abandonment issues.

Basit then gets an anxiety attack and scolds the servant for misplacing his tablets. Sadia hears this and questions the servant about Basit’s behaviour. The servant reveals to her that he often gets these attacks and eats the tablets on a daily basis.

Sadia, shocked to hear about this, goes to check up on Basit. Basit for the first time, opens up to her about his inner demons that have been haunting him. Because of his mother abandoning him.

Sadia asks Basit for forgiveness, which he does. Or so he claims.

Bano oh Bano…

Bano finds out about Talal’s wedding, to another woman. Bano, heartbroken, schools her mother about her zulm and khudgarzi.

To people like Bano, I would just like to say that, I think it is important to keep your parents desires above yours. Especially if you know that they have no ill-intentions. Qudsiya isn’t a bad mother at all. She is just a woman who is bound by poverty, struggling to make ends meet.

Bano should be more understanding of her mother’s plight. But with that said, Qudsiya shouldn’t have been that selfish, either. She shouldn’t deprive her daughters from getting married as well. But khair, this is a dysfunctional family.

Baaghi Zoya

Zoya is in the car with her beau discussing marriage plans. She claims that she would not be like Bano and have things her way. Woah!

Later, Bobby phupho overhears her conversation with her beau and demands Zoya to tell her everything truthfully. Sheeven promises Zoya that she would not tattle tale on her.

Well, Bobby isn’t all bad at all. She is willing to help Zoya not go through the Bano episode again.

Also, I must say, I don’t quite like Zoya. I don’t know why. But I hope this judgement of mine changes.

Bechari Ayesha

The whole episode, Ayesha was busy doing some work. But anyway.

Ayesha is late for office and she at the receiving end from Basit. He orders her to finish some report by tonight. He enlists help from Jawad and Hina, her colleagues.

Jawad taunts Ayesha about her episode the night before. Insinuating that she might be having relations with Basit. Ayesha is visibly upset. He even taunts her again when he gives her a new phone, on Basit’s request. Later, he is seen gossiping with the rest of his colleagues and bitches about Ayesha.

Ayesha lets Basit know about about the rumours spread about her. Basit slaps Jawad infront of his colleagues. He slapped so hard even his specs flew right off. Hahahah. But dil mein thandak ho gayi. Jawad is a nuisance.

Basit then makes a small speech.

Never put false allegations on any woman again. It is because of men like Jawad that women feel inferior and get insulted. Learn to respect woman. And if this happens in my office again, I’ll fire you!

Man, I was right about Basit. He is not like a full misogynist. He respects women and their status. I guess he just hates “his mother”, but generalizes it as “I hate all women”. I think.


But the face that Ayesha makes after Jawad’s insult. That smirk. A winner!


Zoya ki raaz raknay ke liye aik sauda

Bobby is so thayz! I mean, I was skeptical about Bobby suddenly turning nice and understanding. Now with this development, it pretty much makes sense.

Bobby asks Zoya to make a deal

Give me your gold chain and I will keep your secret


Bano aur Talal ki aamna saamna

So, I think Bano and Talal track have ended. So Bano goes to Talal’s baraat where both of them officially call off for good.

I don’t have anything much to say about this. But thank God this track is over! I hope it is.

Dania Enwer did look like a million bucks though! And her breakdown scene was noteworthy. That woman can act.

Basit’s lie

Finally the part I have been waiting for has finally happened.

Ayesha’s slippers get broken so she stays the night to fix it. Basit sir sees her and takes pity on her. He then drops her home.

Meanwhile Fahad has a conversation with Basit and he fills with Basit’s mind with the kind of girl he should marry. As a woman listening to this conversation, it was gross. But I guess there was no ill-intention.

Basit starts to think about Ayesha. But then, his idea becomes more concrete when Sadia refuses to give Basit the loan.

He immediately says

Mein nikkah kar chuka hun

“Kis se?” Sadia asks

“Iss se”

Referring to Ayesha. Ayesha is shocked. And rightly so. He just put a huge “claim” on her. And the expressions of the three of them- Irsa, Feroze and Ushna were all on point! Chills, literal chills.

Ayesha storms out of the room.

Sadia is ecstatic about Basit’s so-called announcement. But immediately suspects him when he doesn’t bring Ayesha home. As he should.

Will Sadia find out?


Ayesha and her naraazgi

Soo, Basit gets worried when he doesn’t see Ayesha in office and immediately asks his assistants to find her. But that is not needed, as Ayesha herself barges in Basit’s office.

You think because I’m helpless so I’ve got no respect?

Ayesha gives a blow to Basit. He tries to explain but Ayesha doesn’t heed him. A single bit.

Lo and behold, she tells Basit that she is going to resign from the job. But only after she has paid off his loan.


Basit is visibly upset and he decides to take matters in his own hands.


Basit’s visit to Qudsiya’s mehal

As the heading suggests, Basit visit’s Qudsiya and he expresses his “wishes” to her. Qudsiya was skeptical at first but then Basit offer’s her a very attractive deal. Qudsiya’s eyes literally turns into money eyes.

Now, Qudsiya is one frustrating and confusing character. I get where she is coming from and I get it that she needs a roof over her head. But agreeing to this deal literally equates her actually selling her daughter.

I was wrong. Ayesha doesn’t marry Basit because of her majboori. More like Qudsiya sees Basit as a financial “saviour” and vice-versa.


Ayesha hogayi shaadi ke liye raazi

Sadia comes to Ayesha’s house and is under the impression that Ayesha and Basit are Nikkahfied.

Just like in a nick of time, Basit calls Ayeha. But this time, Ayesha listens to Basit.

And then, the part I’ve been waiting for has finally happened!

Basit aapse jhoot bhola thha. Humari Nikkah nahi huyi. Magar hum shaadi karna chahte hai

And Basit arrives, next to Ayesha. In slo-mo.


And bas phir, they have the baat pakki rituals.


But the day after though and the way Basit looks at Ayesha. I mean maybe to him it was money eyes but to us, it was very romantic.


Bano, to my surprise, is happy for Ayesha and they share a small cute moment.

Qudsiya tries to light herself up because Ayesha doesn’t want to get married to Basit aka Qudsiya’s saviour. And Bano and Ayesha tries to stop her. Meanwhile Zoya doesn’t even give a damn!

And Zoya says, “Why are you guys so worried? Our house doesn’t have gasoline and neither would cooking oil catch fire.” And everyone’s face after that.

Zoya is funny.


Basit wants to meet Ayesha over lunch, during office hours. This raises suspicion as Jawad and Hina overhear them. Jawad, mind your own business!

So, the soon-to-be-wed couple have a “date”. Ayesha wants to hear the truth from Basit. Which Basit tells her. Well, sort of.

Basit claims that he wanted to marry Ayesha because he has started to “like” her. And that she has become “precious” to him. Ayesha calls bluff. And I was like yeah right Basit, precious my ass.

Anyway, Basit does tell her the truth. The motive behind his decision. He tells her everything.


Ayesha is moved and touched by his courage to open up to her. And I think, she finally accepts him as her fiancé.


And then, the Nikkah preparation starts. Irsa Ghazal is just so good. I mean I have no words to describe how much I love that woman!

You know I was thinking, that if I had to act alongside a family member, I would feel shy. But then again, we know a lot of father-son, mother-daughter, and sister-sister IRL actors.

But I digress.

Also, Bano is genuinely happy for Ayesha and I like that. She isn’t bitter about Ayesha’s fate. That’s what good sisters do. We have each other’s backs.


Anywho, the moment we all have been waiting for the past 9 episode arrives. They both say Qubool Hai to each other. Echoes of congratulation fill the room.

They are now husband and wife. Sweet!

Ushna Shah looks like a million bucks in that jora. Like an angel. Feroze and Ushna both look like they are actually husband and wife.

The whole montage reminds me of couples in the 1960s. They look serious and awkward in their wedding pictures. And this looks exactly it.

But Mashallah, they look so adorable!


At the side, Basit gives Qudsiya the cheque. She thanks him and tells him not to mention this to Ayesha. But you know who else hears this, Bano that’s who.


And then the rukhsati happens and Ayesha is at Basit’s home. Basit is in a brain freeze. He doesn’t want to meet his wife. He stalls Fahad to sit with him for the night. Basit conveys his feelings to Fahad, and it seems like Basit really wants to make this marriage work.

Will Basit fulfil his responsibilities as a husband?


Ayesha waits for Basit the whole night waiting for Basit, but the groom never shows up. Ayesha snoozes off. Tch! 

The Newly-Weds


So, the groom finally comes to the room. And he comes straight to the point.

 “Meri taraf se koi pabandi nahin hai. I give most importance to personal space in a relationship,” Basit tells Ayesha.

Ayesha must be expecting something romantic or at least something sensible from Basit. And, she is visibly shocked to see Basit as he thanked Ayesha for giving him the favor.

And then he leaves the room.

Ayesha is hurt.

Well… At least she knows that her family is happy.

Qudsiya’s Greed, argh!

Talking of her family, Qudsiya excitedly plans to buy the house. It makes Bano suspicious. From where does Qudsiya get the monies to buy a house, a HOUSE? Qudsiya’s little secret is revealed soon. Bano is shocked to see her mother stooping so low to get her hands on some money, anybody would.

Sometimes I empathize with Qudisya–She’s like a majboor maan making the best of her circumstances. But most of the times, I doubt if her heart is in the right place.

This whole wedding was is auctioning off Ayesha. Don’t you feel that way?

I know. Even saying so makes my heart squeeze a little with disgust. But, that’s how I feel when I see Qudsiya. She’s like out to get the best price for her daughters. Ewww. That sounds so awful.

I guess the writer and the director both have done a fine job to depict just how grey this character is. Also, kudos to Saba Faisal for playing a mother who is constantly manipulating–aur kahan se paise jugaaduN

I like the conversation between Bano and Qudsiya. Dania Anwar is soooo goooood, yaar!


Coming back to the newlywed couple… Just as one would expect from Basit, he  is in his office the very next day. And, to spice things up, Ayesha also comes to the office.

Dulha dulhan both in office. Yahin hai waleema?

I didn’t like the bickering between the newly- weds. Even though I don’t agree with Basit’s take of his marriage, I didn’t like Ayesha’s stance, either. Ghoom phir ke wahi mere murghe ki ek taang: mere upar zimmedariyan hain. 


Why can’t she take her husband’s money? If Basit hasn’t accepted this marriage, Ayesha is no different. She should have asked Basit for pocket money to support her family, haq se.


Ayesha and Basit’s marriage is off to a shaky start. The couple has bickered once already. Allah knows what’s more in store.

Fahad is the sane person in Basit’s life. I wonder if Fahad wasn’t there, what would Basit do? I must say, Musaddiq Malik has chosen the best part of himself ?

So, episode 11 begins as Fahad tells Basit that he should have gifted something to Ayesha. He is trying to make him realize how the job is important for her family. Well, one thing is not clear he tells Basit to tell everything to Ayesha, what does it mean? Does Basit’s friend know that he has given Ayesha’s family any cheque with a hefty amount?

This episode is just a series of disasters from Ayesha and her family’s side.

Exhibit A

Ayesha goes to meet her family instead of the parlour’s appointment. To make things worse, Ayesha doesn’t take Basit’s calls. This irks Basit to no limits.  He calls Qudsiyaand reminds him about their deal. Ouch! That was so in your face, and that still didn’t deter Qudsiya from her stance.

Exhibit B

Qudsiya brings Ayesha back to Basit’s house along with the whole family. Ayesha is embarassed by her family’s awe of her in-law’s “palace”.


Qudsiya continues to show just how cheap she is by arguing over the fare.

“Dedh sau se ek rupya zyada nahin dungi,” Qudsiya says.

Comes Basit to the rescue.

Exhibit C

Did you think that was enough?



There’s more…

Once inside, Bobby insists on feeding a Gulam Jamun to Basit, the guy who doesn’t like sweets. The sugar syrup drips on the sofa and then Basit loses his calm. He snaps at poor Kareem and walks out.

Exhibit D

No, we are not done yet. Ayesha’s family is in her room. Zoya tries Basit’s perfume. Yeah, you guessed it right. She drop the bottle. Bobby Phupho and Zoya then walk into the closet. Zoya borrows a dress from Ayesha’s wardrobe.

And, Ayesha lets her.

Wrong move, girl!

Those dresses were custom-made for Ayesha on Sadiya’s behest. Thodi to boundary maintain karni thhi Ayesha ne.

Exhibit E

Qudsiya takes all the salaami lifafe from Ayesha’s hand. We all know what her intentions are.

So, that was enough ammunition to irk even a sensible person. Basit is a short-tempered man. The rift gets deeper between the couple.


Ayesha has had enough. She tells Basit about her family is her reality. Superb acting by Ushna when she says:

“Main toh koshish kar rahi hoon. Thodi koshish aap bhi kar lein,” Ayesha tells Basit.

Look at her glassy eyes, her upset face, so pretty.


Later, we see the softer side of Basit as he offers water to Ayesha and tends to the wound on her hand.

“Kabhi kabhi apne hi faisley ka saamna karne ke iye bahot saari himmat chahiye hoti hai. Bas samjho usi himmat ko jama karne ke liye thoda waqt chahiye,” Basit tells Ayesha.

Kya baat kahi hai. Mukarrar irshad!


The episode ends as they stare into each other’s eyes. Wallah!


So, Ayesha is reluctant to go with Basit thanks to Basit yelling at her (and raising his hand so slap his wife, tch, that’s sick). Basit is waiting in the car for Ayesha, and…

The Couple Bickers Again

Ayesha does come and sits in the back seat, irking Basit. Basit threatens to call Qudsiya if Ayesha doesn’t come and sit next to him. I like this. It was such an obvious threat. Basit tries to lighten the mood by casually teasing Ayesha about her sentiments for her family. Ayesha, on the other hand, is too miffed to sense Basit’s genuine efforts. Aisa nahin, waisa nahin, so much whining she does.

That’s all the patience Basit has.

Despite Basit’s best efforts, Ayesha is still frowning all the time. Basit loses his temper.

“Ayesha, I’m trying to make things better. Baba was right. It’s impossible to make a woman happy,” Basit tells Ayesha.


Couldn’t Ayesha be a bit more understanding? 

But wait… Why am I expecting Ayesha to be the more understanding one?

Because she is shown to be the more understanding person in that marriage. Anywho, that was just my opinion that Ayesha could have talked somewhat nicely to Basit.

Rebel Zoya and Almost-Rebel Bano

Zoya is still worried about pampering greedy Amir instead of worrying that her family isn’t happy with her. Qudsiya has had enough though. She locks Zoya in her room. Achha kiya khala jaan, she deserves it.

Later, Zoya is shown crying for Amir in slo-mo. I was like, why is this scene in this drama. We don’t need to glorify a silly girl’s act of stupidity. But then… Bano clarifies this for me.

“Zoya is too young to let go of Amir. She wouldn’t backdown like I did,” Bano tells Qudsiya.

Ah, I see. Baat to sahi hai. Zoya doesn’t have the emotional or rational depth to understand how evil Amir and his family could be. Much later, though, the lovebirds talk on phone (Amir and Zoya) and blame each other for all the wrong that happened. Neither are willing to admit that what happened wasn’t Basit’s fault. Poor Basit is blamed for everything. Tch, that man!


Another proposal for Zoya this time. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Optimism Personified

Sadia and Ayesha talk to each other at length. Sadia thinks that Basir misses Ayesha. Why else would he run to Ayesha’s place, huh? This woman is too optimistic. The way Ayesha looks at Sadia, it tells me that she thinks the same way: Aunty bahot musbat soch rakhti hain jabki beta ek dum manfi khayalat ka malik hai.

“Promise me that you’d never leave Basit,” Sadia tells Ayesha.

Something tells me that Sadia’s optimism will soon be shattered.

Sadia plans for a small birthday bash for Basit. Sadia opens up to Ayesha like never before–showing old pictures, sharing old memories. The saas-bahu duo (half-sisters IRL) look ravishing in this scene.

Elegance, grace, you name it.

That’s just Brutal

Basit is pleasantly surprised when he sees his old friends gathered to celebrate his birthday. The celebration is about to begin, and we all hope that this couple reconciles their differences.

But then… 

Basit spots Sadia, and he chooses to humiliate her in front of everyone. That was so brutal. Needless to say, Sadia is heartbroken, but she still mouths “Happy Borthday” before running off to her room and collapsing on her bed.


That doesn’t look good. 

Anywho, so she’s hospitalized. Ayesha is at the hospital, and Fahad is also with her. Seriously, does anyone notice slight tension between them??? I’m thinking that Basit and Ayesha *may* separate owing to their differences (not divorce) and Fahad would propose to Ayesha.

So, who’s missing in this picture?

Sadia’s only son. 

 This is where it gets a bit too much. How come Basit not be at the hospital when his mother is so ill? Bachha so raha hai aram se… Matlab ki hadh hai… 

Coming back to the point I made earlier, Sadia’s optimism is ruined into pieces, and now she is so dejected that she might not even survive this illness. Tab Basit ko amma ki qadar aayegi. 


This episode begins with Fahad reprimanding Basit.


Seriously, if this dude wasn’t in Basit’s life, Basit would have been intolerable.

Sadia is discharged and keeps waiting until Basit would come home. She isn’t well, and all she wants is to see her son. All Basit says is: “Take care” and then he leaves. My heart goes out to Sadia.

Later, Ayesha lectures Basit to be a little nice. I like that Basit wipes out his eyes after Ayesha’s lecture.


Anywho! We all knew what’s coming next.

Look at Basit’s face, that of severe repentance.

Be that as it may, Ayesha’s outburst at the funeral was so uncalled for. She yelled at Basit for not being there when Sadia needed him. Basit’s hurt face was again one of the tiniest perfect moments of this episode.


While Qudsiya and Bano were at the funeral, Zoya calls Amir home. She plans to elope, because she is one selfish person who can’t think of anyone except herself. She reminds me of Zareen from Khwab Saraye. Pretty… Pretty selfish…

Also, the way they held their hands and the scene changed, I think it implies that they are getting down and dirty. Just a hunch, I might be wrong.


Feroze Khan is superb in this drama, simply superb. When he breaks down remembering his lonely and scared childhood, it was so heartfelt. But I didn’t cry. Not at all.

Basit is taking it easy–a day off, staying home. But he’s recovering from the loss slowly, gradually.

We see a few light-hearted scenes towards the end of the episode as Fahad comes home. I’m not sure about y’all, but to me, the look on Basit’s face says that he didn’t like Ayesha calling Fahad. The two friends sit together and Fahad does that brainwashing of Basit as he usually does.

Later, Fahad helps Ayesha in the kitchen (Red Alert: I am pretty confident now that Basit doesn’t like how friendly Fahad and Ayesha are).

Bano comes home to get a few signatures. The way Fahad looked at Bano alerted me again.

Okay, here is my theory: Fahad might be interested in Bano but Basit may misunderstand and think that Ayesha and Fahad have a thing going on. I have more theories on that, but I will save it for later.



This episode starts with a nice whiplash from Bano to that office cheapster. He’s such a chipku, ya.

Later, while presenting, the presentation is messed up. Surely, Jawad is behind this.

Basit is too quick to find the culprit, alongwith hard proofs. Bano forgives Jawad, though.

This is the last and final warning to Jawad.

Anyway, the good thing is that Bano is giving her best to her job. Qudsiya takes this as a sign of a possible promotion, but Bano is too quick to realise this.

“Don’t even think of asking Basit for a promotion,” Bano warns Qudsiya.

Yaawar’s family has brought a lot of “shtuff ” for Zoya making everyone too happy and excited. Even Zoya is happy. I’m sure it is all the jewellery and other stuff that makes her happy.

Later, we see Bano giving her two cents on her philosophy of life.

“Zindagi ke waar daulat pe hi jhele ja sakte hain,” Bano says.


Ayesha is too upset to see Basit the way he is–hurting, guilty, repenting… Ayesha suggests him to go and talk to Sadiya at her grave. I don’t know the religious standing of talking over the grave, but…


The episode ends as Zoya steps out of the house to elope with Amir (that’s his name, right?) Bano sees this. At least someone knows what Zoya is upto.


This episode was all about Zoya. 

Amir Weds Zoya (A->Z)

Let’s dicuss her first. She has run away, and even though she knows that Bano has seen her, she doesn’t give two hoots about it. This drama is depicting such a wrong aspect of love. It is showing that young girls should run away to be with the one they love, astaghfirullah! I must have said this before, but Zoya reminds me of Zareen from Khwab Saraye (or was it Naina? I’m not sure). But, she’s selfish, too selfish for her family.

So, the nikaah is done. Amit and hisfriends are dancing. We see Zoya enjoy it for a while, just momentarily. Then, her face clouds with worries and guilt.

What have I done?

I could read that question on her face.

Amir brings Zoya to his house. And, we are not surprised to see that his parents flip out, especially his mother (ever so lovely Fareeha Shabbeer). Challenges await Zoya in her future.


Qudsiya Freaking Out

Back home, Bano sees Zoya running away. She doesn’t do much to stop her little sister.


Because she didn’t want to inform the whole neighbourhood that her sister has run away. Good call, Bano! 

Later, she tells Qudsiya and Bobby. As usual, Qudsiya blames it on Bano. 

“Saari ghalti tumhari hai,” Qudiya accuses Bano.

Arey? Uss ne kya kiya hai?

The situation gets worse when they learn that Zoya has taken everything–jewellery, clothes, etc, that her now-never-to-be in-laws had brought. This hurts Qudsiya the most, given how materialistic she is.

Ayesha is called in. The family sits together to discuss the issue, take some steps to find Zoya. This is where Ayesha begins to commit one blunder after the other.

  • First, she doesn’t tell Basit that she’s going home.
  • Secondly, she doesn’t involve Basit in this whole “find Zoya” mission. Instead, she calls Fahad.
  • Thirdly, she lies to Basit about being home the whole time.

Ek jhoot ko chhupane ke liye sau jhoot, jhoot pe jhoot… Forget Basit, nobody would like this. This is going to hurt you, Ayesha. 


Oh, so coming back to the matter at hand, Bobby is the one who keeps her sanity in check. She gives Qudsiya the much-needed reailty check while also bickering about the deprivations of her own. Finally, Qudsiya does realize that she has wronged Bobby, Bano, Ayesha and Zoya alike. Ayesha could have been the exception, because she got married. But since it’s a contract marriage… Once Qudsiya finds out about the contract marriage, things will be uglier. That’s just me wondering and worrying about these characters that don’t exist in real life. My mind races for  such useless stuff. Argh!

When Qudsiya reaches out and holds Bobby’s hand. that tiny moment made me quiet emotional. I couldn’t capture the screenshot, but it was goooood.


The Troubled Couple

Confirming my predictions, Basit is suspicious of Ayesha. He is keeping an eye on Ayesha. Ayesha, on the other hand, is giving him more ammunition to irk Basit more, even if unintentionally.

Basit is a bit paranoid. Okay, a lot. I want to say Basit: Girl is worried, and has sought help from Fahad; that doesn’t mean she is having an affair. 

I feel that Ayesha was also at fault here. She should have been open with Basit. Basit knows every shit that happens in Ayesha’s house. Why not let him in? If he doesn’t know, what good does that bring? I also don’t understand why Ayesha sought help from Fahad instead of talking to Basit. Ayesha comes across as a silly girl, even though she pretends to be strong and confident. Her decisions are almost always wrong. Letting her sister wear a dress from her ‘bari’, keeping Basit in the dark, being friendly with Fahad while Basit clearly hates it…

So, now we eagerly wait to see the suffocating relationship continue, while Zoya struggles with her share of challenges in a house where she is not welcome.


Jhoot Pe Jhoot, Chal Yahah Se Phoot

I know, that’s such a lame heading, but I couldn’t help it.

I told you so.

Ek jhoot ko chhupane ke liye sau jhoot, jhoot pe jhoot… Forget Basit, nobody would like this. 

That’s from episode 18 review: Chapter 18. In this episode, Basit tells Ayesha just that.

“Apne jhoot ko chhupane ke liye aur jhoot… Mujhe jhoot se nafrat hai.”

Basit obviously takes it that Ayesha is having a fling with Fahad. Now, that’s where he crosses the line. Ayesha is lying, but she isn’t having an affair. Basit could argue with Ayesha over her lies, but he should not have said what he said, and he should not have kicked Ayesha out of his house. 

Bano’s vulnerability breaks my heart 

Bano gives Ayesha the strength and support that is much-needed. Bano even talks to her boss (Basit) about Ayesha. She knows that Basit wouldn’t listen, she knows that Basit doesn’t like bringing personal stuff in office, but she still tries. That’s how concerned she is. I like Bano the best.

In one scene, she admits that she is happy about Zoya.

“Amir took a stand for her, unlike Talal. I’m sure he will keep Zoya happy,” Bano tells Ayesha.

I agree with her. That dude seems sensible. The girl he married? Not so much.

Badtameez Zoya 

As for the third sister, Zoya and Amir are going out. Amir’s mother doesn’t like it, of course, being a typical saas for a moment. It is Zoya who surprises me.

“Aap ki toh umar nikal gayi. Hamein jeeney dein,” Zoya tells her mother-in-law.

Arey? Is this how you talk to your mother/mother-in-law/elders? That was so out of blue. What’s worse? Amir just stands that like a manequinn, not reacting one bit. I can understand why Amir’s mother is being a bit nasty, but why is Zoya being so freaking rude? Those peeps have accepted her in their house, and she has the audacity to talk back. This Amir dude, didn’t he walk out of Zoya’s house because Basit supposedly insulted his parents? Where is his self-respect and ego now? I get it. Biwi badtameezi karey to chalta hai.  Uff Allah, qurb-e-qayamat ki nishaniyaaN… 

I have never liked Zoya, not even once. Characters like these make me want to skip dramas. Ek yeh, ek Roshan Ara in Badshah Begum, but more on that when I review BB.

Whiny Fahad

The whole Fahad scene was the highlight of this episode. Fahad and his mother come home to meet Basit and Ayesha. Basit openly taunts how close Ayesha and Fahad are. It makes everyone uncomfortable, but Basit doesn’t relent. The dinner ends abruptly as Fahad takes his mother home leaving Ayesha alone to deal with Basit. Basit, however, isn’t ready to listen to anything, anything at all.

The next day, Fahad comes to discuss “the matter” with Ayesha. Guess what? Basit comes home early, loses his calm and slaps Fahad.

Just the thing we were expecting.

This isn’t what stuck to my brain. Fahad and his mother later discuss Basit. Psycho hai, pagal hai, doctor ki zaroorat hai… Fahad keeps saying: Basit was upset about his mother and used to call me and I used to go to his house.

This is what bothered me the most. Fahad sounded like a whiny little girl justifying her acts to her mother. Arey bhai, you did what a friend should do. Ab us ko jata ke kya fayeda? This scene ruined Fahad’s image for me. He seemed to be the nicest thing ever, and now… Just shaking my head with disappointment.

Anywho, so now we all wait when and how Basit realizes the truth. I am more interested in seeing if Ayesha has the guts to tell Basit the truth.



Just Crazy Things

Basit is willing to call off the marriage, but Bano is ready to save this marriage. She talks to Fahad. I like how she puts all the effort for her sister. Who knows? Perhaps this will bring her close to Fahad. I ship them.

On the other hand, Qudsiya meets Basit and tries to talk to him, but Basit is like… He isn’t willing to listen.

After a lot of efforts, Fahad finally convinces Basit to listen to his side of the story. Basit almost buys the story, except he sees Ayesha’s phone in Fahad’s car. How did it get there?

Basit rushes to Ayesha’s house, tells him what he saw, and then… BOOM… 

Seriously, how did Ayesha’s phone got there? What was she doing meeting Fahad?


After this incident, Ayesha and Fahad are still talking to each other on phone. Shouldn’t Ayesha learn her lesson by now? Forget what Basit thinks of her, she shouldn’t be talking to the man if her husband doesn’t want her to. That’s the plain and simple expectation from nikaah. Ayesha loves her family and has sacrificed for them, but she doesn’t have common sense of what not to do, even if we assume that what she has done is right. 


I guess she gets her silliness from her mother. Qudsiya’s character is a worried mother who’s also stupid. It’s her bad decisions in the past that messed up things, and she’s still doing the same. After the Zoya fiasco, I had thought she has learnt her lesson, but noooooo… She hasn’t.

In this episode, she finally tells Yasir’s mother that Zoya isn’t willing to marry Yasir (about time, huh?). And, still, they don’t talk about the “stuff” that Zoya stole. Kaise hoga yeh sab?

Yasir’s mother is also annoying but so is Qudsiya. Why didn’t she tell this before? Why does she think that trading Bano for Zoya would be okay? How does she come up with such ideas? I understand she’s worried about her daughter’s futures but she’s so silly all the time. 

Zoya didn’t make appearance in this episode and I was so soooooo relieved.  


Basit & Ayesha

I like the quiet conversation between Basit and Ayesha. It was so much fun. It brought me back the sweet memories of reading Dil Diya Dehleez. After Maheen marries Yawar Ali Khan for the sole purpose of unraveling the mystery of Nazneen’s death, their married life is quite rocky. They were sitting in the back seat being driven to the haveli. And the line goes like this:

Un donon ke darmiyan khamoosi ki zubaan mein tez o tund guftugu ho rahi thhi.

Yeah, the memories. 

Alright, coming back to Habs. 

The drama has taken the much-expected turn. I’m surprised that Basit doesn’t say anything and doesn’t react one bit when he sees Ayesha by her side. Has he lost his speech? Haw? That would be something, right? Main na munh khola, main na kuch bola, Ayeshaaaa… Janey naaaa… I’m so witty at times, NOT. 


This episode was all about a huge misunderstanding. While Basit may have changed his decision of divorcing Ayesha, Ayesha now thinks that Basit is leaving her. She cries and cries, so much that at one point I began to roll my eyes. Behen, don’t cry so much just because of a misunderstanding, basis something you have overheard. 


Qudsiya was her usual annoying self in this episode. She kept whining about Ayesha taking care of Basit. She’s apparently unhappy of Ayesha spending time and energy on hospitalized Basit. I felt that at one point even phupho shook her head with disappointment. How could Qudsiya be so one-tone? She’s like: whatever my daughters do, I would go in the opposite direction. 


As for Basit, I think he was shortchanged in this episode. Ayesha never have him a chance to talk, a chance to explain himself. When Ayesha was home, she didn’t wait to listen to Basit. When Basit called, she kept hanging up because she was too occupied with all the weeping. 


And to make things more twisted as Ayesha meets Soha (or whatever is Ayesha Omer’s character). After 19th episode, while seeing the opening credit, I wondered where Ayesha has disappeared after the first few episodes. Now, she’s back. I’m hoping she will be final conflict between this couple. 


Qudsiya! Qudsiya!! Qudsiya!!!

There are so many counts on her head, I can’t even begin.

1. She has promised Yawar’s mother (I had earlier quoted him as Yasir, not that it makes any difference) that instead of Zoya, Ayesha will marry Yawar. Why? Oh, why? She has never even talked to Ayesha, or anybody else for that matter. Ayesha isn’t even divorced. And, Qudsiya has promised that Ayesha will marry Yawar. Does she have any common sense? AT ALL?

2. It is revealed that the whole “buying the house” thing was a fraud. Zafar dude had made fake papers, and now Qudsiya et el will have to vacate the house. One things leads to othe and Qudsiya also let’s out the secret that Basit and Ayesha’s marriage was a deal. Yep! It was all a deal, for Basit and for Qudsiya, both. Bano and Bobby are as shocked as could be.

3. That should teach anyone a lesson, right? But not Qudsiya. She suggests that Bano should take a loan from office. Seriously? Would this woman ever learn a lesson? She isn’t even telling Ayesha the truth, neither about Yawar, nor about the house. Argh! So annoying!

As for the rotten kid Zoya, her in-laws have gotten a good amount of money (5 lakh, was it?), and being a shameless thief, Zoya has evil intentions for all the money and jewellery that Amir’s mother has. She rummages through the safe’s contents and takes out one wad of cash–one lakh rupees. She also drops a ring on the floor, unknowingly. Amir’s mother searches Zoya’s room, but Zoya is too smart.

Ayesha’s words, her weeping, her confusion; it is all getting very annoying now. Itna kya rona dalna? Trust in Allah and move on with life.

As for the sulking groom, he meets with Soha. I don’t know what good that brings to the story. I’m sure Soha’s real purpose is for later part in the drama.


Qudsiya Being the Worst Mother of Them All

I watched this episode and my head was about to explode. It was so painful to watch a mother put a price for her daughter. And yet, I felt no sympathy, empathy, whatev for Qudsiya.

Qudsiya isn’t a mother worried for her daughters nor is she securing a future for Ayesha. She is simply putting Ayesha up for sale. I’m sorry for those crude words, but that’s how it feels when I see Qudsiya. EVERY SINGLE TIME. She tells Yawar’s sister about the house’s situation, and in return gets a promise that Yawar will buy a house for them. So, every time she puts Ayesha up to get a house in her name. What kind of mother would do that? Only the bey-ghairat kind of a mother would do that. Don’t try to justify Qudsiya’s acts. There is a difference in being worried for daughters’ future and selling them off. If I ever compile a list of worst mothers, Qudsiya is topping the chart for sure.

Brat Zoya 

Bilquis continues to hate Zoya for her rude behaviour, and Zoya continues to talk back. This girl has no shame to talk back to her elders–whether it’s her mother, sisters, phupho or mother-in-law. As for Amir, she treats him like a credit card, and that’s all.


Ayesha’s Rona Dhona Continues

Ayesha’s incessant weeping and sulking is getting to my nerves. Basit repeatedly calls and texts and tries to get in touch with Ayesha. All of that has no impact on Ayesha’s head. Instead, all she remembers is that Basit had thought of divorcing her. Behen, now he is being nice. The least you could do is get that pout off your face and reciprocate the niceness.

Bano, the Only Sane Person in the Family

Bano is as caring and lovely as ever. She talks to Basit about the fake papers of the house. Basit promises to help. If only Bano had confided in Basit about the Zoya’s matter, itna phadda nahin hua hota. Ayesha’s marriage wouldn’t have been on the verge of breaking.

Basit, Silly Basit

As for Basit, he is also so stupid. He doesn’t understand that Soha is hitting on him big time, and he also promises to take Soha to Fahad’s wedding. What kind of impression would that leave to the world and to Ayesha who is already sullen AF?

One car accident couldn’t bring this couple together. I wonder what will.


Fahad’s Wedding

Fahad is getting married, and we see the lovely couple. Ayesha is already there, and that’s when Basit and Soha make an entry, TOGETHER.

Ayesha is pissed to see them. She does what she does best–makes a face.

Later, the couple talk and argue. I was happy that at least there is some conversation going on, FINALLY. But, I don’t like that Ayesha was totally dismissive of all things Basit has to say. They are also photographed together. One can clearly see who is the problem in this marriage.


Qudsiya Continues to be Shrewd AF

Qudsiya continues to plot that Ayesha be married to Yawar, thereby getting her another house. Seriously woman, be a mother. Don’t be a naika. My rant about Qudsiya from the previous episode applies here, again. In this episode, when Basit comes home, she treats him poorly, because now she has someone else with deep pockets to fulfil her demands. I am truly apologetic for my harsh words, but this woman leaves me with no other option.  Qudsiya is topping the chart of worst mothers.

Zoya , Oh Zoya! 

This episode also made me wonder-can a real sister be as mean as Zoya? She constantly makes fun of Qudsiya, and by extension Ayesha that Basit isn’t the man that everyone deemed him to be. She keeps bragging that Amir loves her and showers monies on her (the money that she has stolen). She doesn’t see time or place. All she wants is to show Ayesha down. Real sisters don’t do that generally; there maybe exceptions. Why do we show such toxic relationships? Don’t we have enough shit to deal with already?

I really really really hope that Zoya’s bragging should get a good reprimand from Bilquis when she finds out her suspicions weren’t misplaced about the theft from her safe. However, the promo shows that Amir still takes Zoya’s side, so more dragging is in store… 


Ayesha’s Scowl, KMN!

Here is the deal. I know someone who sulks all the time. Eversince I have returned from the hiatus, I have seen the very same expression (that’s almost three months now). It gets so annoying. Ayesha does the same. She’s like, “meri to zindagi hi barbad ho gayi hai. Mera husband ne mujhe talaq dene ka socha hai.”

Sis, why don’t you see that he is a changed man and trying hard to make amends? I agree, Basit spending time with Soha doesn’t go well with Ayesha, and Basit was a fool to have agreed to arrive at the party with another woman in tow; but it doesn’t mean that he is interested in Soha. Isn’t Ayesha doing EXACTLY what Basit did? Basit saw Ayesha spending time with Fahad and assumed that they are having an affair. Ayesha is doing just that. This is where I hate most heroines. Itni koi samajhdar heroine hoti na, toh same ghalti na karti.

And, what’s with her frown? If I were to capture a screenshot everytime Ayesha made a face, my SD card would have been full by now. She looks as if she’s constipated all the time. Ayesha isn’t a character that I can relate to, or even like, but I think it is also Ushna’s fault to a certain extent. She was so good in Aakhir Kab Tak, even though her pout always bothered me. In this drama, however, she is so monntonous.

The only saving grace on Ayesha’s part was that she stood up against Qudsiya and told her off about marrying Yawar. 

Bano, My Favourite in this Drama

I loved the scene where Bano is putting the clothes on the dryline. Her dupatta tied around her waist, full gharelu avatar. As usual, she tries to knock some sense into Ayesha’s stubborn head. Oh, she tries so genuinely, but Ayesha is so damn adamant.

Gentleman Basit

As for Basit, I think he was very considerate in this episode. He was nice, he behaved well, and he made every effort to talk to Ayesha (who just wouldn’t listen). He came home to pick up Ayesha, and was polite to Qudsiya, until she crossed a line. I liked his stance. Biwi ki maan hai, doesn’t mean he takes all shit from her.

Anywho, I still don’t understand why he is entertainin Soha. Doesn’t he realize that he is doing the exact same thing that Ayesha did and drove them apart? Once Ayesha has stated that she doesn’t like Soha, he shouldn’t be sitting with Soha telling her that he intended to divorce Ayesha once.


Basit & Ayesha Resolve Their Issues, FINALLY!




It happened. I can’t stress just how badly I wanted the two silly people to learn their mistakes and resolve their issues. Ayesha overhears Basit talking to Soha about Qudsiya and takes off, as usual. This time, however, Basit chases her and stops her and brings her back home.

Ayesha is like, meko jane ka hai.

Basit is like, eh tu baith ke baat sun meri…

Even though Basit is miffed with Qudsiya, he keeps his end of the deal and doesn’t tell Ayesha about it. Even though Ayesha doesn’t know what it is that Qudsiya has done, she believes Basit for the first time. That was so refreshing.

Even more refreshing was that Ayesha was smiling in this episode. Whether it was in the balcony, or in the restaurant, or in their room, Basit and Ayesha chatted and conversed and smiled. Basit was so sensitive and so sweet with Ayesha. I almost want to add that if he was this way in real life, we wouldn’t be witnessing the ugly legal and social media battle right now. But hey, I don’t know the full truth, and I’m here only to review the drama and Feroze’s acting, not the man himself.

Ayesha is still insecure about Soha, and she must be. The girl (Soha) just doesn’t back down. Why can’t she leave the couple alone? I want to see how many conflicts Soha brings to the story.


Talal is Back

Ever since Talal was married, we haven’t seen him. I assumed that the Talal chapter is closed for good, but it isn’t.

We see that Talal and his mother, both aren’t happy with the wife/bahu. She is lazy and kaam-chor and zabaan-daraaz,  that we all understand. What I fail to understand is the relevance of this to the current plot. Are we to believe that Talal and his mother would realize their mistake, and Talal would come crawling back to Bano? That would be the worst thing ever, second only to Qudsiya’s character.

Bano, my dear, if you go back to Talal after what he did to you, you and I are done. You have been my favourite so far, but don’t be silly and don’t let Talal win you over with his misery.


Amir, Oh Amir! 

Alright, so despite Bilquis’s reservations about Zoya, Amir goes to bring Zoya back. I don’t like how he walks away from his mother.

Zoya’s family sits together to talk to their daamaad. One thing leads to another, and Bobby appreciates that Amir has given such a hefty amount (2 lakh rupees) to Zoya for shopping.


So, the cat is out. Amir quickly realizes that Bilquis’s suspicions weren’t misplaced about the theft from her safe. Zoya refutes all the blames, but Amir ain’t that stupid, so he takes off.

“Main tumhein apne ghar nahin le ja raha,” Amir tells Zoya.

Now, he is worried and that makes Bilquis worried, too. Upon learning the truth, she is back to being her whiny self. And, Amir asks the big question.

“Kya karoon? Chhor doon?” Amir asks his mother.

Arey? Mere bhai, this is the same girl who eloped with you. How could you talk of leaving her so easily? Does marriage have such little value? I agree, Zoya isn’t the best wife or even a passable daughter-in-law, but divorce is just too much. That’s true for people in real life as well. All the sins and evil things have become such a norm in society that people take it and talk about very casually. It hurts, it hurts real bad.

Qudsiya Gets a Reality Check

So, Amir walks out on Zoya. This gives Qudsiya another opportunity to curse her youngest-born. This time, Zoya retaliates. She tells her mother how awful she has been, and what poor qualities she has instilled in her daughters, and that she is the reason of their sorta ruined lives. I agree that Qudsiya needed it, but Zoya has no right to blame it all on someone else. You are responsible for your shit, no matter how external circumstances affected your damn life. 

I wonder if Qudsiya realizes her mistakes, or continues to be like, “maine sab tum logo ki bhalayee ke liye kiya hai. Also, I want to see what Amir decides about Zoya. I guess we wait for the next episode, then.


Like Mother, Like Daughter

Zoya had snapped at her mother and told her that:

“Aapki tarbiyat hi ne mujhe aisa banaya hai.”

Or something to that effect. While it wasn’t Zoya’s place to admonish her mother, what she said was certainly true. Zoya lies through her teeth, she is greedy and selfish and shameless; just like her mother.

In this episode, we see Yawar’s sister Sameena calling Qudsiya to give her stuff back, finally. While they were talking, I could hear Junaid Jamshed’s soothing voice demanding… 

Wapas kardo

Wapas kardo

Mera samaan 

Wapas kardo

How does Qudsiya respond?

By doing what she does best. She lies.

She tells Sameena that nobody has even touched her stuff, and that she would bring it back in no time. Sameena, poor Sameena believes this shit because she has no reason not to.

Now, that “stuff” is at Zoya’s house. How is Qudsiya going to get that? Simple, she  brings Zoya to Amir’s home. While talking to Bilquis to accept Zoya back, Qudsiya talks as if she is the most concerned mother there ever is. Bilquis doesn’t hold back her bitterness, though. Neither Amir not Bilquis are willing to accept Zoya in their house. On the other hand, Zoya isn’t accepting her mistake, STILL. She has learned this from her mother, so she is not to be blamed.

Now, Qudsiya might not want to see Zoya settle in her house, but she wants the “stuff”, so drops a bomb.

“Zoya is expecting!”

Bas phir, the sentiments change. Amir and Bilquis accept Zoya back and Qudsiya gets the stuff that she must return to Sameena.

I can’t even begin how much I hate Qudsiya. She has never EVER one thing right in this drama. I loath her, so loath her. 

Bano’s dilemma

This shit aint enough, so we see more of Qudsiya’s arrogance and greed. They get a notice to vacate the house. She still wants a house in her name, so she forces Bano to take a loan from Basit, the same Basit who she had kicked out of her house. This woman will stop at nothing.

I loved the look on Bano’s face when Qudsiya asked her to take  loan. It spoke volumes about how Bano hates her mother’s words, but she says nothing. 

Talal & Zainab

I still don’t understand why Talal is getting so much of footage. Zainab is bitter and rude to Talal’s mother. She doesn’t look after the baby or Talal. All she wants is to talk on phone and watch dramas. What do I do with that? Talal is regretting his decision, we get it. Why are we to suffer from Talal’s situation? 

Bano, I’m telling you again: Don’t be silly and DON’T accept Talal back.

Ayesha & Basit & Soha–the love-triangle

Ayesha and Basit are still in their “honeymoon” period and fawning over each other. Basit plans to take Ayesha out for dinner, but Soha interrupts their lovely evening. The two (Basit and Soha) work for hours while Ayesha keeps lurking around them.

They finally decide to each at home. Ayesha goes to kitchen, and Soha sees this as an opportunity to poison the marriage.

“Friends? Is that all Basit told you about me? Do you really love Basit?”

I don’t know what Ayesha inferred from this, but she is sulky and pouty again. Soha enjoys this. She’s like: I got you where I wanted.

And, I’m back to rolling my eyes. I’m so tired of Ayesha’s sullen face. And Qudsiya’s stupid decisions. 

Habs is a concoction of stupidest characters except Bano, and Basit is the best like anno mein kana raja.


Mera Ghar… Meri Chhat… Gimme a Break

Basit and Ayesha are having dinner with Qudsiya. Qudsiya brings up “apni chhat” ka mas’la as usual. Bano interrupts the conversation just in time and drags her mother to the kitchen. Kudos to Bano for holding herself with this greedy mother.

Qudsiya is like: Mera ghar… Meri chhat… Mujhe chahiye paisa paisa paisa. Gimme a break already. 

Ayesha or Basit don’t hear about the loan application that Bano has submitted but they will, sooner or later.


Soha Being Soha

Jawad blabs everything to Soha about Bano; he tells about the honeymoon trip and that Bano is Ayesha’s sister. This is his chance to avenge everything that Bano had done, not that she had anything wrong. Jawad has conveniently forgotten that Bano saved his job when Basit had fired the office psycho.

Now that Soha knows about Bano, she takes this as an opportunity to humiliate Bano: bring my coffee, say salam, do my shit, don’t go home without finishing your job even if your mother is sick. 

I had always questioned Soha’s role in the story; now I know. She is there to infuriate me. Ayesha Omer is doing a great job of playing Soha, I must admit. Don’t you want to scratch her eyes right out? I know I do.


What’s with Fahad?

Soha and Fahad meet outside, quite a date like feeling. This is just Soha trying to get more details about Basit’s sudden marriage to Ayesha. Fahad is like a rattu tota tota who recites everything that he knew about Basit. What kind of friend is he? Basit trusted Fahad and confided in him. If he knew that Fahad would kinda rat him out, he wouldn’t have shared anything. How would Basit react when he finds out? I hope he finds out.

What’s with Fahad, though? Why is he being “your most obedient servant” to Soha? 

Is Zoya bipolar?

1.     Maine kuch nahin kiya…

2.     Aage se aisa nahin hoga. Tumhein shikayat ka mauqa nahin mileyga.

Both are her responses to the theft allegations. Behen, either you have stolen the money or not. Why are you so confused? Poor Amir, I pity him.

Zoya is being Zoya. She still doesn’t accept that she had taken money from Bilquis. She still treats Amir like a rug. Bilquis, however, drops a bomb on Zoya by suggesting that they go to her gynaecologist. Ab aayega mazaa.

But I’m sure Zoya and Qudsiya will think of something “convenient” to stage a miscarriage.

PS: Zoya’s comment to her mother on phone was so on-point.

Qudsiya: Maan se tabiyat nahin poochhi. Kitni khudgharz ho.

Zoya: “Poori ki poori aap pe gayi hoon

Koi toh hai jo Qudsiya ko aayeena dikha raha hai… Wohi Zoya Hai… Can you hear Atif Aslam’s voice with this line?

My Dear Bano

One good thing was that there was very little from Talal. That track just makes me want to pull my hair and scream. I haven’t said anything about Bano but I have a lot of respect for that girl. The way she handled the situation at dinner table, or how she dealt with Soha’s tantrums or the way she walked out because mother (even like Qudsiya) is more important than anything and everything else. Every scene made me love her even more. Oh, and hr conversation with Basit was just perfect. Bano didn’t cry, she didn’t let her emotions get the better of her. She meant business–loan approval. She didn’t want Basit’s help or sympathy. I just love her. 

Both Jawad and Fahad were like Soha’s puppets. They were like: No matter what happens, I gotta tell this woman what I know, else my life is at stake. Seriously? I think the writer/director wants to show that women aren’t alone in gossiping. Men who don’t have a life also gossip like anything. That takes the blame off us women. But… That’s a long shot. Who would think so far ahead just to prove men are just as gossipy and dishy?

Basit and Ayesha going on a trip… I felt it was convenient, and probably a result of reediting/reshooting. Musaddiq be like: Basit ko kahin bhej dete. My theory was shattered when he came back in the same episode. Bheja thha toh thoda lamba trip kar dete. Itna paise hai us ke paas. 


Basit and Ayesha are at Qudsiya’s for dinner. Things are going well when suddenly Ayesha is like: ogh! Bobby asks if she doesn’t like the food but Ayesha looks at Basit and mouths the words: baad mein. Cut to their bathroom where they are waiting to check the results of a home pregnancy test. It’s positive, so clichéd, I know. That’s not my point.

My first reaction on this scene was: 

Yeh nayi huyi hai. 

Generally, the elders are the ones who suggest about the possibility of “good news”. This couple is so chatur chalak and so “forward”. While this is a surprise that heroine and hero aren’t too naive about the possibility of pregnancy, somehow I didn’t like the scene. Call me old fashioned. 


Anywho. Look at me. I planned to do a bulleted list and wrote two paragraphs.

So, Ayesha is expecting. Like really expecting, unlike Zoya.


Zoya is just sitting and eating. Bilquis asks her to ready for a doctor’s appointment.

Zoya doesn’t want to go, obvio, but neither Bilquis nor Amir will listen. Get ready for a fake miscarriage to end the fake pregnancy.



Bano runs into Talal at a mart. I was like, finally. Seeing Talal’s side with a Zainab’s cribbing was getting too much. Bano doesn’t give two hoots about Talal, and I so wike it.



Lastly, let’s discuss Soha. Basit has arranged a small party to celebrate the “good news”. As I said, badi hi forward couple hai. Soha attends the party. Seeing Ayesha grinning and enjoying makes her jealous, woh kya kehte hain jal bhun kar khak ho gayi. The next day, she comes, vomits all the poisons in Ayesha’s ears and leaves.


Ayesha is back to making faces. Then, she goes and tells Qudsiya the same thing I have been saying for the past ten episodes.


Iss Mahel ke liye aap ne mujhe bech diya. 

It’s Qudsiya’s turn to make a face. She wouldn’t learn her lesson, though. I am sure. 

Oh, wait. Something just struck me. What if Ayesha has a miscarriage because she’s too upset? 

That would be something.


Ayesha, probably the worst female protag ever


If Qudsiya is topping the worst mothers’ list, Ayesha is certainly the worst heroines, ever. 

Eversince she has learned about the deal between Qudsiya and Basit, she is not taking Basit’s calls. She is still talking to her mother, but God forbid if she talks to Basit.

Bano tells Basit that the truth is out. Basit comes to see Ayesha. Ayesha says many awful things; three of them I hated.

1.     Ayesha addresses Basit as “tum” instead of “aap”. I don’t like this inconsistency. Basit and 

2.     During the argument, she also brought up Saadiya, said something like: “jo apni maa ka na hua woh mera kya hoga.” That was so below the belt.

3.     She called Basit “badkirdaar”. I paused and scratched my head. When was Basit shown to be a bad character? He hated women, ALL WOMEN. That was so out of line.

Ayesha asks Basit to leave her. 

Soha is Still Manipulating

Soha doesn’t leave Basit alone. Calling him repeatedly, visiting him unannounced; she behaves as if she has Basit’s best interest at heart. I’m waiting when Basit finds out. Tab aayega mazaa.

A->Z is over

Zoya, Amir and Bilquis are at the doctor’s. Long story short, her lies are caught. Amir had promised to never leave Zoya, and he had also warned her to never lie. Since she had lied again, all bets are off. Amir and Bilquis drop Zoya home. It is Zoya’s duty now to repeatedly remind Qudsiya what an awful mother she had been.

Ayesha is Gone, YAYYYY!

Ayesha leaves the house. This is the first time I doubted Bano being the best character. I mean, if someone even coughs outside my room, it wakes me up. Ayesha got up and left the house, but nobody even knew. Bano was sleeping in the same freaking room. I mean… It’s alright. She’s also a human being. She’s forgiven.

Since I had all day to watch this episode, I also had time to watch the promo as well. There is a subtle hint that Ayesha might be dead, and I am so thrilled even by the idea. It would be great if we don’t see that sulky face again. I know they wouldn’t kill the heroine, but it’s a great idea.

Chalo, off to have dinner. Today’s menu is steamed rice with baingan, chapati and the leftover cauliflower from afternoon. No daal today.


It’s official, Ayesha really is the dumbest, stupidest most annoying heroine ever. She has left the house and thinks that Soha has her best interest at heart. When Bano finally gets to talk to Ayesha, Ayesha blamed everything on her family, including Bano. Bano is the one person who always stood by Ayesha and had her own job. Despite that, Ayesha calls Bano matlabi and greedy. This was beyond my patience, so I skipped through most of the episode.

Oh, yeah, Ayesha isn’t dead. What a disappointment it was!

Zoya asks Qudsiya to stay away from her life, her issues with Amir. I’m sure they will sort out their differences. For once, Zoya didn’t make my blood boil in this episode. Because Ayesha was doing all the blood-boiling things.

This episode also disappointed me when Bano called Talal in a moment of weakness. Kyu behen? Ayesha isn’t around. How can Talal help her? And all she did was cry and hang up. Bewaqoofi ki hadh, that too from Bano, so not expected.

Soha is hitting on Basit, like full-on hitting, even offers to stay with Basit. I was like, kill me now.

Long story short, another very slow and very irritating episode. It’s hard to digest that Habs was one of the most entertaining contract marriage stories ever and now it has come to this.


It’s the second last episode, and that’s the first thing I noticed when I checked YouTube this evening. Aren’t we happy?

Okay, so let’s get started.

Crispy First Half

Don’t hate me, but I kinda liked this episode. The first half before the break was especially written and executed well. The narrative was so tight and the dialogues were very thoughtfully penned.

While Ayesha and Bano’s conversation made me roll my eyes (because Ayesha is so arrogant and stupid), Bano’s confrontation with Soha made me think twice. Soha genuinely thinks that she is doing right by Basit and Ayesha by creating a rift between them. That’s so disturbing, but it also shows how real people are, it shows how the grey characters think that they are the best.

There are two bits that I liked immensely.

1.     Bano tells Ayesha that Soha doesn’t have her best interest at heart. 

2.     Bano tells Soha that she can’t be happy if she comes between two people who love each other.

Bano, love you girl!

Sappy Middle

The post-break parts were quiet soppy as Bano takes her family to her new house (the one she got as part of her job). I think that scene tried to show us why Qudsiya was so crazy about gettng a house of her own. But I didn’t buy their shit. There was a time I was also batshit crazy for getting a house of my own. I did get it but I made some wrong decisions at the time. And, to this day, those decisions haunt me. I seek Allah’s forgiveness, but the nagging feeling of doing something wrong never leaves me alone.

Anywho… So Ayesha also comes to this new house. Qudsiya and Ayesha’s little chat was the most annoying part of this episode. I was doing the dishes so I couldn’t skip through it. You can imagine how I feel being through that torture. 

Soha Comes Clean

And finally, the face-off. Soha comes clean and tells Basit what she did and why she did it. Basit is mad, obvio, but he says, and I quote: Ayesha has taught me to forgive (collective awnnn).

Ayesha also learns the truth finally (because Bano telling her that Soha doesn’t have her best interest at heart wasn’t enough). Then Basit tries to talk to Ayesha, but our girl is adamant AF.

Ayesha is still like: no can’t do. Leave me, divorce me.

Basit is like: alright.

The Arrogant Wife

Basit gets the divorce papers prepared (too many p’s there) and gives Ayesha the full right to take a descision. Ayesha still isn’t happy. I was like, sister, make up your freaking mind.

1.     Basit asks her for forgiveness but she doesn’t want to forgive and forget. Puh-leez.

2.     Basit gives him the right to take the final call but she doesn’t like that she has the rights. Seriously? 

3.     Basit tells Ayesha that he’s a changed man now but Ayesha says Sadiya wanted the change. So are you saying that you don’t like this changed man?

Why can’t she see that Basit is genuinely sorry and get back with him? I don’t want Ayesha to settle because of the kid, but I think that’s where the finale is headed. 



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