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Fraud Episode 4 Written Update and Review

We see Shaan and his mother and sister talking about Samra (or Nimra). While the women are asking Shaan to patch up, he isn’t willing to go back to his wife. This track shows too little to engage with it. I don’t know how I feel about Shaan. ~


Maya’s family hasn’t come for the “typical breakfast” scene. Later, Tabraiz brings Maya home. Nisar gives 20 lakh rupees as Maya’s share.

Tabraiz: Mujhe udhar de diya karo.




As the newlyweds come home, Mr and Mrs Khawar bring up a robbery incident. Mrs Khawar “sweetly” suggests that Maya should also deposit her jewellery in “my bank locker”. Later, Mrs Khawar doesn’t even let Maya take out the jewellery for the reception. 

More foreshadowing!

Tabraiz comes home and asks his mother for 50 lakhs. Mrs Khawar has only 30 lakhs (the difference being exact 20 lakhs that Maya has.)

Seriously, these are too many red flags to ignore.



Now, very conveniently, someone has expired in Tabraiz’s family. The whole family is going, except the new bride. Maya comes home to live with her parents.





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