Drama Review | Angna | Episode 64

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Angna Episode 64 Written Updates and Review


Abeeha has finally joined Ziya’s office. I guess it’s about time. She needs something to keep her occupied. This was a good decision, and one that was new and fresh. I was so tired of seeing her doing nothing 😛


Raza comes to meet Nayab. The conversation between them is painful to watch. Raza is begging and Nayab is rude, but there was nothing new. Later, Raza comes home to see Nayab with the a brown envelope (the same brown envelope that first had Ayeza’s divorce papers, haha 😀 ). After another long and painful (and boring) conversation, he leaves. So, basically, he is leaving Nayab because he wants her happy because that’s how much he loves her. Let’s collectively praise his gesture.

1… 2… 3… 

Awnnn… That’s so sweet…

Saira is hospitalized while Zain is telling Azhar and Zaiba all the shit that has happened so far. Sheeba calls to inform about Saira’s hospitalization. Zain rushes to the hospital, but Saira is like: get out from here.

Yes, we are all thinking of the same idiom: Rassi jal gayi, bal nahin gaya


Despite everything that has happened, Azhar and Zaiba still come to visit Saira at the hospital. They are nice people, huh? They also tell Zain to apologize to Saira.


Too nice?

But yeah… What Zain said to Saira wasn’t nice.


I have a feeling this drama would end soon. I hope I don’t have to draft more episodes. haha.


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