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GEO Meray Humnasheen Poster
GEO Meray Humnasheen Poster


Meray Humnasheen

Meray Humnasheen is a mesmerizing narrative encapsulating the struggle between aspiring dreams, hopes and greed for power.

Khajista is a smart, intelligent girl who belongs to a conservative and traditional family that hails from mountainous areas. Her passion to become a doctor stems from her childhood trauma when she lost her mother early on in life. To revolutionize healthcare services, Khajista is filled with hopes and dreams. On the other hand, Khajista’s cousin Darakhzai is a hot-headed and arrogant man whose backward thinking makes him insecure about Khajista’s higher studies and wishes to keep her under his control.

Coming from an educated and well-off family, Hadi is in his final year of medical school and his composed demeanour makes him highly likeable amongst his batch mates. Studying in the same college, Khajista and Hadi’s first encounter leaves them with mixed feelings for each other.

In a dream of becoming a doctor, will Khajista be able to overcome all the challenges? With constant pressure from her family particularly Darakhzai, will Khajista be able to fulfil her dreams or will she remain caught in the dilemma of love and dreams?

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Writer: Misbah Ali Syed
Director: Ali Faizan
Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment




Meray Humnasheen Episode 10 Written Update and Review

Aima’s nagging and her rude behaviour to Khajista and her nosy attitude has bothered Hadi, to a point that he is now avoiding the freak show that is Aima. I feel for Hadi. He deserves better.



Shanzay calls Khajista to talks shit (what else is new?). A heartbroken Khajista is forced to call the last person she would want to talk to-Darakhzai. The moment he picks up the call, he knows that Khajista is crying (connection!).

Khajista weeps, and asks Amroz Khan to pick her up from the hostel for the weekend off. Darakhzai accompanies Amroz Khan, and the little scene in the car was fun.

All of this happens when an exasperated Hadi watches on. I loved how “I want to talk to Khajisa” sequence led to this scene. 

Hadi isn’t happy that Sabika has forced Khajista to apologize to Hassan, for no fault of hers. He strongly admonishes his mom, while Aima interrupts. This girl, she hates Khajista so much that she is even siding with Hassan, and going an extra mile to oppose Khajista. She is pure evil, and I would say that she is aptly cast. She looks evil.


After an engaging and fast-paced episode , this one was almost bleh. I must praise all the performances, especially Hiba Bukhari and Ahsan Khan. Barring their accent, their expressions and body languauge is so onpoint. I particularly loved how worried Darakhzai was  when he got a call from Khajista. Their connection is very strong, but they keep fighting with each other. I would want to see more of them.


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