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Fraud Episode 34 Written Update and Review

We are doing a bullet list because… Why not?

  1. Asma humiliates Shujaat and he plans for revenge.
  2. He hires a hacker to extract money from Asma.
  3. Mayla and Nayal are happy, and also expecting. Good for them.
  4. Asma learns that her accounts are emptied. She gets a heart attack.
  5. Tooba calls Shaan and things resolve between them. Tooba admits all her lies but Asma is still unchanged.
  6. Later, she meets Shaan and comes to get him back. Shaan agrees. Nisaar and Shahnaz will move in with Nayal and Mayla. Now, all that’s left is to deal with the fraudiya.
  7. Shujaat is planning to marry another rich girl Tina.
  8. And then the final scene takes place.



I like that the last episode was not filled work 25 minutes of recap. It had just the same length of recap and they dived right into it. Also, this episode was quite fast paced unlike most of the episode of this drama.

Lastly, I forgot about this drama because it has been quite forgivable lately and it didn’t occur to me until today that I missed the finale.

So, these are my two cents on Fraud’s finale episode.


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Shabana Mukhtar