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By the ingenious writer & director duo of Chupke Chupke Saima Akram Chaudhry and Danish Nawaz, Hum Tum is a 2022, modern and gen-z rendition of a hate to love story.

I’m always in for an enemies to lovers romance, this is one of my favourite romance tropes. Pakistani drama industry has a dearth of rom-com, and Hum Tum promises to be a breath of fresh air, something that is reserved only for Ramzan.

I like how HUM TV is revealing their characters. A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Disclaimer: All images are courtesy humtvpakistan instagram handle.

Cast & Characters

Ahad Raza Mir as Adam Sultan

Ramsha Khan as Neha Qutubuddin

Sarah Khan as Maha Qutubuddin

Junaid Khan as Sarmad Sultan

Aina Asif as Mili

Adam and Sarmad’s little sister who takes karate classes and talks like boys.

Anousheh Rania Khan as Sasha

Maha’s youngest sister. She is a computer geek and hacks into other’s accounts for fun

Farhan Ali Agha as Sultan

Adam, Sarmad, and Mili’s father

Munzza Arif as Haleema

Adam, Sarmad, and Mili’s mother

Adnan Jaffer as Qutubuddin

Maha, Neha and Sasha’s father

Arjumand Raheem as Ulfat Begum

Maha, Neha and Sasha’s mother

Uzma Beg as nani / Tamanna ji 

Adam, Sarmad, and Mili’s grandmother, Haleema’s mother, Sultan’s saas. She runs online matchmaking business

Mohammad Ahmad as Dada ji

Maha, Neha and Sasha’s grandfather, Qutbuddin’s father, Ulfat’s sasur and also mamu. He is a popular tik-toker. 

Lovely Saifi Hassan as Professor Jabar

Qutbuddin’s classmate once and now colleague. There is professional jealousy at play which quickly evaporates into thin air as professor Jabar “dosti ko rishtedari mein badalna chahte hain”

Omer Shahzad as Sarim Jabar

Professor Jabar’s son and Neha’s candidate


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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Haha, I’m sorry for confusing you 🙂

  2. liza says:

    oHHH zgh is zindagi gulzar hai ahahhaha omg i thought it was a new urdu word or smth…

    i understood the rest of the words ahahaha i literally read it as “usko no zagh(my phonetic translation)”

    then i got confused hahaha 😅

  3. Ladki, you should understand Urdu much better by now 😀

  4. She could(should) play a posh role like that of Sara in zindagii Gulzar Hai. Even then I wouldn’t like her, but at least she would fit the roles much better.

  5. liza says:

    sorry 😅 i didn’t understand what you meant.. could you translate for me please ?😬

  6. +1 for Aymen Saleem… Usko na zgh ki sara ka role milna chahiye… Posh…

  7. Yep, from Badshah Begum teaser I knew they are baap beta. Really don’t look alike but I can tell the young man has got talent. Excited for sure!!!

  8. liza says:

    duhhh that’s a given. love love love imran. i think him and ayeza make a cute pairing. and did i mention irsa ghazal? man my most fav teaser is the one with irsa and last teaser with sohail ahmed and shagufta ejaz

    fun fact, did you know hamza sohail is sohail ahmed’s son?? i mean they don’t look baap beta at all.

    also i just finished ullu baraye farokht nahi and sohail ahmed was just too effing good !! i really am excited how he’s gonna portray this role because in ullu his role was very heavy and sinister. AHHHH omg i’m so so excited

  9. liza says:

    i decided i will watch paristan after ramzan only.. i think i’ll have too much on my plate. i really dislike aymen saleem… i feel she’s too refined plus her voice annoys me most of the time. but the rest of the cast is superb and navin waqar is back after ages

    ah can’t wait for ramzan 2k22

  10. And you know how I feel about Aymen Saleem 🙂 but Arsalan and others from the cast especially Junaid Jamshed are in my good books. This Ramzan has a tough fight for top rank 🙂

  11. I have my apprehension about hum tum because of Ramsha and Junaid, i like neither, but ahad and Sarah are favs so…

  12. That’s next in line. Imran Ashraf… I am watching Badzaat for him. How could I not watch a comedy featuring Imran Ashraf? I personally think that he shines in comedy roles. He’s hilarious in real life and it just suits him.

  13. liza says:

    unpopular opinion, idk why im most excited for chaudry and sons. i mean sohail ahmed is such a legend, and i love irsa ghazal (after ishq jalebi) she’s too good! and ayeza khan is just wow. shagufta ejaz looks soo good too!! yasir nawaz looks good in his element. im also excited for imran and ayeza’s pairing. than ahad and ramsha’s… let’s see which ramzan drama tops (i think hum tum most likely)

    even last year i preferred ishq jalebi > chupke chupke. obi and ayeza had great chemistry.. but idk there is smth about wahaj, it’s so good to watch him on screen. plus i feel there was more comedy in ishq jalebi i mean irsa was so effing funny, noor ul hassan sahab too, as advocate aashique hussain.. so funny. qavi khan as boota.. so funny ahh..