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HUM TV is gearing up for two Ramzan special dramas this year, Paristan and Hum Tum. Last year, they had Chupke Chupke and Taana Baana. We are excited and looking forward to both, despite some reservations about some of the cast.

About Paristan

Pernia, a young girl who likes to live in her imagination and fantasies filled with all things beautiful and quintessential – polar opposite from her reality. Arsam who from a distance leads a perfect life but is drowned in his own fair share of problems. While the odds aren’t in their favour at all, will the two star-crossed lovers manage to change their fate? Watch Paristan to find out.

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Cast & Characters

Arsalan Naseer as Arsam

The brooding hero–serious, intense, gloomy” who has a mountain of responsibilities on his shoulders.


Azra Mansoor 

Arsam’s grandmother

Aymen Saleem as Pernia

Pari lives with her mama, mami Haseena and cousin Ujala. She lives in the dreamworld, even dreams about her “khwabon ka shehzada” who will rescue her, and she will lead a life of someone ultra-rich and ultra-modern. Pari seeks ways to get out of any work. She doesn’t even make her own bed.

Saifi Hassan (Saifi bhaiiii)

Pari’s mamu. He is so effortlessly lovable.

Javeria Saud as Haseena

Pari’s mami, Ujala’s mother

Merub Ali as Ujala

Pari’s cousin, Haseena’s efficient daughter. Ujala is a sweet person, who is always busy in household chores. She looks so perfect, so relatable. Ujala likes Babar, and waiting for the right time to break the news to her parents. 

Ali Safina as Kamali

Pari’s neighbour and friend Kamali visits her often. Even though they are only friends, it is not hard to misunderstand their relationship.

Navin Waqar as Mehreen

Ujala’s phupho

Asad Siddiqui as Azar

Mehreen’s love interest

Mira Sethi as Zubaida

The maid at Pari’s house

Junaid Jamshed Niazi as Babar

Ujala’s beau

Taimoor Salahuddin as Amanullah

Arsam’s khadim. 

Mira and Mooroo are playing an extended version of their earlier sketch “Do Numbari”. Check it out on Mooroo’s channel.





Ali Hassan


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