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A little recap of Episode 26

So, Zarar learns about Zooni and everything evil that she has ever done. He still doesn’t leave her. Why? That question is beyond me. If I were him, I would have let Zooni go. I guess he also fears Raheel will leave Samra, and then we will be back to square one.

Amanat Episode 27 written update and review

Zarar barges ino the Malik house and takes Salaar away on gunpoint. This was so bizarre and so unbelievable. Malik Furwan has an army of people who could have interfered, but nobody does.
When he comes home, Safdar and Firdaus are as upset as could be. Safdar tries to explain to Zarar that what he has done is wrong. But Zarar, our hero, is unperturbed. I keep thinking: Itna stupid hero kaise ho sakta hai? Our timid heroine calls Malik Furqan, and soon the two families are sitting together alongside a few policemen. The police tries to explain that what Zarar has done is wrong, but Zarar ki mere murghe ki ek taang: Mera baccha mere paas rahega. Long story short, Meher takes Salaar with her.
Zooni is being Zooni, as usual, and she lies to Raheel that Zarar has pushed her. Raheel threatens Zarar. But that’s not enough, so he goes home and threatens Samra: If Zarar doesn’t behave, this will be over between us. Ha! Go back to the recap section and read it again: we are back to square one, and this story is far from over.
It has been only 27 episodes, but it feels like 270 already. Itna kuch hua hai, aur phir bhi kuch nahin hua.
On another note, Tuesday is such a strange mix. There is Badshah Begum which is so engaging and yet scary, there is Aye Musht-e-Khak, one of my worst choices to watch, and then there is Amanat. I should have chosen something else, like some old series that I have watched and loved already.
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Ikr… 2x speed works best for such dramas 🙂

  2. AKP says:

    Shukr hai ki aap ne pura ka pura drama dekha, hamari khaatir. Such a sacrifice. I probably have managed to save 20 hours just by fast forwarding through YouTube episodes and supplementing with your recaps.

    And I agree – what is the point at this point?! I feel like the teasers and trailers gave a very different feel to all of this. If I had known that emotional imbalance and watta-satta were involved, I would have avoided this completely. But now I am 27 episodes in and unfortunately still want to know how this ends.

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