Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 5

Badshah Begum Episode 4 Recap

So, Shah Alam and his second family are back to Piranpur. So is Bakhtiyar. I’m sure that will raise a lot of eyebrows.

Badshah Begum Episode 5 Written Update and Review

The episode continues to show us the power game. Let’s cover the ground quickly, shall we?
  1. Hakim Bi is not happy with the city girls, nor are the city girls happy with Hakim Bi. The rebel Roshan Ara isn’t one to keep her mouth zipped, so she gets a slap from Hakim Bi. Even Jahan Ara, the supposedly calm and composed sister talks rudely to Hakim Bi; not that it affected Hakim Bi in any way.
  2. Shahzeb wants nothing but gaddi, and Shah Alam wants to teach Shahzeb a lesson. He hints that he will give the throne to Shah Mir, the one person who is least interested in this throne and the shenanigans attached to it. Shah Mir genuinely wants to befriend his oldest half-sibling Shahzeb, but Shahzeb doesn’t take him seriously.
  3. We see Bakhtiyar running into Jahan Ara. The chemistry is sizzling, just about to burst in front of everyone. Hakim Bi watches them together. Bakhtiyar is a city boy who doesn’t understand the reet-riwaj of Puranpur. I’m sure he is in for a trouble, and soon.
  4. As for Qaisar, he is worst of them all. In the first episode, we saw how Hakim Bi ordered to break the legs of a pregnant woman; and we also saw how Pir Shahzeb ordered to let a man drown just because he favoured Pir Qaisar. In this episode, Qaisar drives over a little boy, and later says that: ek kutte ka bachha samne aa gaya thha. This was the worst example of just how arrogant Pir family is. But the evil doesn’t end there.
  5. The little boy who was killed, is Sakeena’s son. Sakeen words for Qaisar, one of those mulazmas who takes care of Qaiser’s baby (she isn’t a baby girl as he claims, I’m sure). Sakeena is mourning her loss, but Qaisar doesn’t let her. Instead, he asks the villagers to celebrate that the little boy sacrificed his life for Qaisar. It was the worst reasoning ever.

I know Piranpur is a fantasy land, but what if there are real people like Qaisar around us? I can’t begin to fathom how we would live our lives under such dictatorship. This was one of the most disturbing scenes of this drama so far. And this was also the scene that made me look for something nonsensical, so I watched Angna’s Episode 23. It dulled the anxiety that Badshah Begum had instilled, but then it was annoying on a different level. I ended up watching several clips of The Office. Jim and Dwight always cheer me up.


Let’s face it. The BB team has done a phenomenal job at picking up the cast for this drama. Everyone is so good, so good in their roles… except for Saman Ansari… Her delivery falters many a times, making her sound ridiculous rather than sounding intimidating.

As for Jahan Ara, the real Badshah Begum we all want to see, she speaks in a lower register, from her stomach. Her voice sounds so different when she does that. We do hear occasional “Rani” like voice (Rani from Ehd-e-Wafa is one of my favourite characters).

Ali Rehman Khan does fine for a city boy who doesn’t understand the darkness that surrunds him. His performance looks weak when compared to others. I guess because everyone from Pir family has a swag that he lacks.

Abul Hassan as Murad has done well, oh-so-well. From the sweet boy we loved and adored to a  cunniving younger sibling who doesn’t attack in the  open, Murad is one to watch out for.

Farhan Saeed so far is my fav. His character and his swag just draws me in for this dark series.


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