Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 2

Hum Tum Episode 1 Recap

So we meet Sultan family and Qutbuddin family, and we have a perfect recipe for hate to love romance. 


Hum Tum Episode 2 Written Update & Review

Dada’s birthday party at Sarmad Ke Chatkhare is over when Qutbuddin calls Adam for his bike. Qutbuddin loses his mind when he learns that his three precious daughters have lies about Meelad to go to the restaurant. 

Maha is divorced once, and now Tamanna Nani has a new task for finding another match. Sarmad is obviously interested in Maha but the while family knows that Qutbuddin family would never accept Sarmad’s proposal.


The banter between Neha and Adam is just so good, and unique. Neither of them back down, ever, and their war of words is the USP of this drama. So so good.

Adnan Jafar and Farhan Agha, both are so amazingggg as quirky fathers. I liked everyone’s performance in this episode, even Junaid Khan’s. What a change!!! Hahaha.


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