Drama Review | Paristan | Episode 2

Paristan Episode 1 Recap

 We meet all the main players of this drama. 

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Drama Review | Paristan | Episode 1


Paristan Episode 2 Written Update & Review

 So, after a run-in with Arsam and Amanullah, Pari thinks that the mansion is a Bhoot haveli. After a run-in with Pari, Amanullah thinks that the new place is a Churail haveli. This gotta be fun. 


Kamali likes a girl Arzoo and is in gode gode ishq. I would love to see this love story reach a dead-end. Haha. By the way, the little understanding that Kamali and Pari are an item, that gets cleared already in this episode. I was sort of disappointed.


Arsam announces his decision to move to his ancestral home. His grandmother isn’t happy, but the dude isn’t the one to pay heed to anyone, ANYONE. I like his verbal spat with Pari, and the one with little kids. While he had an upper hand with Pari, the kids outsmart him. I like it. Arsam kuch zyada hi khadoos hai. 


The episode ends as Mehreen comes home to live with Haseena and family. Let the fun begin.


I might not like Aymen Saleem’s portrayal of Pari, but her character is written well. She doesn’t mind that she gets Ujala’s rejected dresses. I wouldn’t mind, either. All I want is a new dress every day, even if it’s hand me downs from my sisters. Haha. 50% of my wardrobe is my sister’s and my mother’s. And the other 75% is my own. I just ordered two gowns yesterday; expected to arrive on Thursday.

Alright, off to watch Hum Tum. 



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