Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 13



Sang-e-Maah Episode 13 Written Update and Review

So, Zarsanga has consumed Afeem, and Hilmand is stabbed by Mastan. This episode starts on a high and tense note.
 Zarsanga is still drowsy and upset. Hikmat learns that Zarsanga has taken opium, and the lad is heartbroken to see his mother in that vulnerable state. He layer confronts the maid who brought opium for Zarsanga, but little does he know that the maid isn’t easy to boss around. It was quirky and emotional confrontation between the two.
As for the second victim, Hilmand is at the hospital. Sheherzade’s boss has already talked to the doctors at the hospital, and everything is ready to take care of Hilmand’s wounds.
We see that Sheherzade is hopelessly in love with Hilmand, so much so that she is more vulnerable than Zarsanga.
Hilmand survives, of course he will survive, but then he is eager to confront Haji Marjaan. 

There were two scenes in this episode without any dialogues and both are my favourite so far, of this episode and of this series in general. The first one was when Badam Gul stealthily comes to the spot where Hilmand was stabbed, and he finds Mastan’s kada, only to run into Mastan. No words said, but that scene was so impactful. Hassan Noman, omg, can you say that he is the same creep who would harass Rumaisa in Yeh Jo Ik Subha Ka Sitara Hai? Damn it. That’s another drama i must review. My to-do list is just never ending.

So, where was I?

Right. The other scene was at the hospital. Hilmand’s friends are talking to awwal Khan, refusing to leave. Haji Marjaan steps out of the room, and they leave without a word. One look was all it took to straighten them. It was so so funny. 

All credit to the director. 


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Shabana Mukhtar