Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 3

Hum Tum Episode 2 Recap

Neha and Adam continue to banter and this time, Adam is leading by one point.


Hum Tum Episode 3 Written Update & Review

This episode just blew my mind. Neha beats the shit out of a guy who stole ice cream from Sasha (the way Sasha sat down to eat ice cream was super strange. Aise koi Ghar se nikalta hai ice cream cup leke?)

So, anywho… Neha is shot and becomes part of the news, making Qutbuddin losing his temper, again. 


Adam is turning 25 and Milli has asked for a big party.  Neha promises to bring a “nice” gift for Adam. I wonder what that will be. 

The script and performances of this episode were just too good. Barring the “beat the guy” scene which was quite”naqli”, everything else was just superb. I particularly loved Farhan Agha and his portrayal of Sultan.

Ahad Raza Mir has great comic timing, and even Junaid Khan surprises me every time in this drama. Well done, guys.

Woh mere naseeb ki barishen padosiyo ki chhat par baras gayin

(Woh mere naseeb ki barishen kisi aur chhat par baras gayin)

I like how poetry is parodied in this drama. Brilliant writing.


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