Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Cast & Characters

Alright, so another drama has started on Hum TV.

Ibn-e-Hawwa is a new Hum TV drama that started airing on February 8, 2022. Written by Saji Gul and directed by Syed Ahmed Kamran, this drama stars Hira Salman, Shehzad Shaikh and Aymen Saleem in lead roles.

Let’s meet the cast and characters.

Cast & Characters

Hira Mani as Mahjabeen

A rich widower who looks after the poor, and still takes care of her sasurali rishtredar, badi baat hai.

Shehzad Sheikh as Zahid

A tailor / owner of tailor shop, bitter because of his mother

Nadia Afgan as Shabratan

Mahjabeen’s reliable relative

Aymen Saleem as Aliya

Shabratan’s daughter, she likes Zahid

Malik Raza

Zahid’s ailing father who constantly bickers about Zahid’s mom who ran away with someone else.

Hina Shahid as Nayla

Zahid’s sister, lives with her phupho

Tahira Imam as Zahid’s phupho

Zahid and Nayla’s phupho

Asad Mumtaz Malik as Sethi

Mahjabeen’s late “rich” husband


Noman Habib as Ahsan aka Guddu

The groom to be, the boy who has a crush on his mumani Mahjabeen


Ahsan’s fiance

Nighat’s mother


Zahid’s cousin, phupho’s son


Naveed’s wife

Zain Afzal as Vicky

Zahid’s friend who is hell-bent on making life difficult for Zahid and Aliya. Allah aise doston se sab ko bachaye, ameen.

Agha Talal as Shakoor

Zahid’s assistant, also likes Nayla


These are the ones I captured so far. I will keep adding as the story progresses and introduces more characters.

Shabana Mukhtar