Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Episode 1

Alrighty, it’s time to review the first episode.

Ibn-e-Hawwa Episode 1 Written Update

First episodes are always good, and this episode does a good job of exposition.

We meet Mahjabeen getting down from her car, her first look reminding me of Kashf. In the first scene, we learn a lot about her.

  • Mahjabeen is rich
  • She helps people by going out of her way
  • She is sponsoring/arranging wedding of a relative in her house
  • Of all the people around her, she trusts Shabban and her daughter Aliya

But then, a rich woman living alone is like a khuli tijori (Jab We Met). We see Mahjabeen’s maid Rasheeda inviting two men inside to rob Mahjabeen. They go to her room, yep, and not even discreetly. They are chatting, planning to kill Mahjabeen while Mahjabeen is only two feet away.

Bas phir, Mahjabeen shuts herself inside. I didn’t understand the architecture here. She was inside, why didn’t Rasheeda leave?

And then we meet Zahid at his shop marking a blue fabric while scolding his assistants to hurry up.

Zahid and his teams are having a long working night, and they step out to get some meds for headache, and they hear Mahjabeen screaming. Long story short, Zahid saves Mahjabeen.

Shabban also comes on time, and takes control in her hand. Rasheeda’s husband and his aide are in jail now. Shabban’s daughter Aliya likes Zahid. How does she know Zahid? We don’t know yet.

Zahid comes home to his ailing father. And we learn that Zahid’s mother has run away with someone else. And that Zahid’s sister lives with her phupho because apparently the house they live in is too small to shelter one more person.

All in all, good exposition, and intriguing enough to continue watching.


I loved Hira’s first look. It reminded me of Kashf in Kashf and she looks like Kashf 2.0 in this one. I also loved her abaya and took a mental note of getting one in this colour. I like Hira’s acting even if I don’t agree with her choice of roles. I watch very few dramas, so this one seemed promising. I looooooved her grey outfit in this episode.

Shehzad Shaikh has never disappointed, of whatever little I have seen of him. I last saw him as Salaar in Deewar-e-Shab and that was soooo good. In this episode, he comes across as an angsty young man who hates his mother. Well done…

Aymen Saleem, I’ve never liked. She looks pretty and too made-up but her delivery is flat. The eye makeup was a bit too loud for a person who is doing the dishes. I don’t know if its her character or just her wanting to look pretty. I’m thinking it’s the earlier. She could be a loud OTT character.

And then there is Nadia Afgan as Shabban, finally a role that she could justice too, unlike Badar Muneer in Parizaad.

Others have done okay for their limited screen presence. I can’t wait to see more about Malik Raza and his wife. Who is playing Zahid’s mother?


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Shabana Mukhtar