Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Episode 2

Alrighty, it’s time to review the second episode.

Ibn-e-Hawwa Episode 2 Written Update

Zahid is a mysogynist, so much so that he can’t even tolerate women’s mannequin. Ufff…
We see Mahjabeen who is attending the dholki function. The groom is very taadu, and he makes a pass at Mahjabeen. Thankfully, Shabratan is always around to look after Mahjabeen. I can’t say if I find that likable in a heroine. Mahjabeen should have been strong enough to deal with that tharki dulha, but that’s just my opinion. I know… I know… Later she does slap that dude (Ahsan/Guddu) but why did she entertain him for so long. Pehle hi dur fitte munh keh diya hota.
Hira looks haseen in this episode. Ufff, so beautiful and vulnerable. And that Asad Mumtaz Malik portrait was so lifelike. Is he late Sethi saheb? I would have loved to see him on screen playing some important role.
We see Aliya flirting with Zahid and our hero doesn’t even look up at Aliya. A lot of new faces are seen. I loved that Inaya Khan is also in this drama. I like that girl, especially since I saw her as Nasreen in Laapata and Nimra in Akhir Kab Tak.
By the way, Shabratan isn’t as *simple* as one would think. She is like a local jhad phoonk amil who charges stuff for her wazeefa. Ouch! And while we are on the subject, I still stand by my opinion earlier: that Aymen wears too much make-up.
Dulhan Nighat, her mother and Ahsan’s mother are so greedy. From jewellery to dresses, they want Mahjabeen to spend on everything.
Naveed and Jameela don’t have a happy married life. I just know where this is headed. And the next scene doesn’t disappoint me. Jameela accuses that Nayla and Naveed are involved. Seriously, why can’t Nayla lived with her father and brother? This seems so hard to digest.


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. liza says:

    haha yup !! very much so.. i saw baandi when they were playing his clips for one of the hum awards.. and he won for the negative role too i must he and iqra do make a cute couple. and their baby is a d o r a b l e. too cute!

  2. didn’t Yasir’s get up remind you of Baandi? I saw only one episode of that drama but Yasir looks exactly the same–even acts the same. Yep FK -1.0, haha.

  3. liza says:

    agreed. if there is zara, then samaj loh dramatic hi hongi ahaha.. im most looking forward to komal meer, tanya hussain, farhan saeed, hamza sohail, abdul hassan and shazad nawaz..

    ali rehman, yasir and zara not so much. yasir needs to pick role other than negative roles.. he’s like feroze -1.0..

    at least this cast has a fresh cast. and again saji gul script. i still stand by that he is a fantastic story teller, still highly rec o rangreza.. if you see that you’ll be bLOWN AWAY and khizer idress is gonna be the director again.

    but yes i too am keeping my expectations low. but after i saw farhan’s teaser i became even more excited ahaha

  4. Okay, all caught up. Looks very interesting but I bet you it will be too dramatic. I will keep my expectations low this time. That always helps 🙂

    I have mixed feelings about the cast. Some are fav, some i sorta avoid. But looking forward to it nonetheless.

  5. liza says:

    PLEASE CHECK OUT THE TEASERS FOR BADSHAH BEGUM !!! and go to hum tv instagram’s official page to look for the official posters. oof they are so damn good!!! also komal meer looks even more badass than zara

  6. liza says:

    i know!!! she has matured as an actor. from SOFTY to gangubai.. also the trailer DOES look amazing although it is quite weird to see a small girl (visibly) playing a very badass heavy role

    also i realised… alia chooses her scripts well (except SOFTY but thats her debut so maaf kia)… from highway, raazi, love you zindagi, udta punjab (have you seen this??? she was so damn good), kapoor and sons (man she and fawad had great chemistry), kalank, and now gangubai. im a fan already

  7. Mere Humsafar is like that thing you buy but don’t like but you still wear it because you spent your hard earned money on it. I’ve started watching the drama and now I have to finish it because I want other people to save the trouble and time 😀

  8. ah, Badshah Begum… I was about to ask what BB meant in the yesterday’s comment. I will take a look. Farhan has swag… Zara, not so much. So even without seeing the teaser I agree that Saba qamar is the ultimate boss lady. She oozes oomph that very few actresses do.

  9. Oh my god. I’m so hooked to gangubai. I keep watching whatever bits are available. I have admired her in highway and dear zindagi (I think i haven’t seen any other movie of hers) but gangubai… Uff… She’s vulnerable and badass at the same time. In one of her speeches she’s smiling and yet swallowing hard to control her tears… She has matured, and even her voice has matured. I watched her interview. And she didn’t sound like the bimbo she once was, hehe.

  10. liza says:

    btw, QMK is ending.. next week is the last ep. meaning second last ep to be screened this sat.. which means badshah begum might air on 5th march !! EEK !! im super excited for BB man the teasers look MAD.. and fireeeee

    also this project was 6 years (ikr woah) in the making although i do have to say, i would rather have seen saba qamar in that role than zara.. i felt in the teasers she was trying hard to look badass and bad bitch but it didnt work for me.. or maybe im just jumping into conclusions.. but the BEST teaser of them all was farhan saeed’s. MAN HERO !! i missed him on hum tv.. i got goosebumps for that teaser.. now HE looks badass

    and im not watching mere humsafar.. idk kandaan stories dont impress me much and are rather very cringey so im skipping it plus i read your reviews so.. and i thoroughly enjoy them hehe

    this is the same for gangubai.. alia bhatt does show that she has done alot of work and impressive impressive performance from the trailer but she looks too young and masoom.. and i wasnt feeling the badass vibe.. people said vidya balan shouldve played the role and yeah i do agree.. but i guess they needed a younger role to play gangubai? dont know yaar..

  11. That’s what I had thought about Nadia Afgan, too, but even her performance hasn’t impressed me much. I mean, Shahana is a legend now…
    I guess it’s our expectations that finally lead to disappointments. I had expected the script to be super engaging. I will still watch because I have empty slot on Tuesday, not counting amanat, hehe

  12. liza says:

    ah so far… ibn e hawwa isnt impressing me much.. i think nadia afgan in this role is shahana 2.0… aymen saleem yeah seems too posh to play a poor girl.. i never liked her voice (it kind of reminds me of rani mukherji but her voice is so so much sexier and better than aymen’s) but in chupke chupke.. she acted the way the role demanded but over here ehhh… hira mani is still great but i am quite disappointed… the direction seems to lapse too.. maybe it’s just me..

    but still i’ll push through because it is a saji gul script, i expected so much from that dude.. also badshah begum looks promising.. i also think BB will replace QMK..

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