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A little recap

Meher is trying to run away.

Amanat Episode 21 written update and review

There is crazy and then there is super crazy,which is this episode.

Remember that Mehr has left the house, and no prizes for guessing, she is caught. Malik Furqan flips out and locks her in a room. She pretends to be sick so Saeeda could take her to the hospital and she could escape. All through the ride to the hospital Mehr is unconcious but then Furqan gets a call that Qaisar isn’t well. When they come home, Mehr is bhali changi, standing there. She’s the one who notices that Qaisar isn’t breathing.
This is the second drama where Gohar Rasheed’s character has died. He died in Laapata and now…
Long story short, Saeeda loses her mind over Qaisar’s death. Saima ji ne kaafi overacting ki hai.
Zarar tries to talk to Raheel only for Samra’s sake but Raheel doesn’t listen. That whole conversation was such a drag. We always knew that Raheel would not budge from her stance.
Junaid has proposed to Laiba and he is ready to leave the country. He has gotten a job in UK. How would Zooni react when she finds out?
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar