Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Episode 7

Alrighty, it’s time to review the latest episode of Ibn e Hawwa that aired on March 25.

Ibn-e-Hawwa Episode 7 Written Update


don’t like Zahid, I hate him. Hate is not adequate to describe how I feel about Zahid. Why is he mistreating Nayla for something his mother has done? He doesn’t even listen to Nayla when she says that phupho gave her the dresses. Aisa kya regressive bhai. He finally learns about the truth from his phupho, but he is not even slight bit ashamed of his actions. Sheh! Pathetic excuse of a brother.
Zahid sees Aliya at Vicky, who lies about Aliya being a flirt. Hain? Wasn’t Vicky Zahid’s good friend? How could he do this to a friend? Aise chep log kyu batate hain dramas mein?
Shabratan has finalized a man for Mahjabeen–an old man who has already married thrice. Why she has chosen the old man is still a mystery.
Mahjabeen meets the man, Sufi Saheb, and puts her conditions–don’t seek marital rights from me, don’t ask me to leave my house, don’t interfere with my money-related stuff of my late-husband. I think that these are valid conditions to put forth before getting hitched. Hahaha.


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Shabana Mukhtar