Drama Review | Mor MoharaN | TV One | Episode 13

Mor Moharan is a new drama serial at TV One that started airing on May 10, 2022.


Production : TV One
OST : Mor Moharan
Singer : Amanat Ali
Composer: Naveed Nashad
Lyrics; Khalil ullah Farooqui
Director: Owais Khan
Editor : Jibran Maniar
Dop : Zulfiqar Ali
Writer: Ali Moeen
Executive Producer: Seema Taher Khan

[Source: TV One YouTube channel]

Mor MoharaN Episode 13 Written Update & Review

Yesterday night, I spent more time on YouTube than usual. I didn’t sleep a wink until after Fajr. So, I ended up watching at least ten videos on Youth Club, three on Mufti Tariq Masood Speeches and then randomly on various entertainment channels. I watched a few trailers of upcoming dramas none of which enticed me, and then I watched Badshah Begum Episode 22, Habs Episode 13 and  Mor MoharaN Episode 13.

Alright, with that information that nobody needed or asked for, let’s dive into the latest episode of Mor MoharaN.


Rohi and Sikandar are out on a date. It surprises me. I don’t understand the moral compass of this story. Rohi’s parents seem quite conservative but they let Rohi go out, wander about and even go out on dates.


Sikandar’s father Feroz plotting with Almas’s partners. Almas learns through Sher Alam and calls Gardezi for some damage control I guess. I don’t understand how Gardezi fits into the whole equation.


Rohi trying to bring justice to Rohi’s people. She even advocates the art to Gardezi. Their little talk after the musical night was so sweet. Gardezi is clearly smitten, so so smitten by Rohi.


All said and done, Gardezi is so freaking cool. Look at his suspicious look when his Amma tells him to be patient with Rohi. He’s like, waqayi?


Performances are fine, but this story annoys me, I don’t know why. I think it’s because it’s trying to do too much.

  1. Love story between Sikandar and Rohi
  2. Love story between Gardezi and Rohi
  3. Love story between Sher Alam and Almas
  4. Love story between Rohi (the heroine) and Rohi (the place)
  5. Love story between Feroz and Almas
  6. The water-crisis
  7. Showing Sonya Hussyn in a new avatar every time

It gets too much. Since I was watching it after 7 weeks, it felt more of a burden than usual.

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