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Badshah Begum Episode 21 Recap

I haven’t watched several episodes of Badshah Begum, partly because I have a strong aversion to the violence and cruelty and gruesome scenes; partly because I was on the hiatus. Also, I have been ignoring the review of this drama because I messed up the numbering and now I have no way of going back and fixing them unless I watch the episodes again, which isn’t something I am too keen to do.

I don’t miss much, though. I have understood what has transpired in the past few weeks.

  1. Shahzeb has married Zulekha
  2. Gulnar has gotten pregnant and it is blamed on Shah Mir
  3. Shah Mir knows the truth but has still married Gulnar. He is the real hero here, people.

Badshah Begum Episode 22 Written Update and Review

So, Gulnar thinks that she isn’t worthy of marrying Shah Mir. Shah Mir’s reassurance and promises surprises Gulnar and me alike.
This man is quite something. He loves someone else, and yet, only for sake of justice, he is accepting Gulnar and is willing to be by her side as long as she needs him. Isn’t that the mark of a true hero?
Oh, wait…


The mark of a true hero is humility. –Shifu (Kung Fu Panda 2008)


The two brothers are now united against Shah Alam’s second family. Look at them enjoy the stoning on the haveli.

PS: This duo makes for one good looking pair of siblings.


Since the whole Piranpur has turned against the current Pir and Badshah Begum thanks to Pir Murad and Pir Shahzeb, the family is in a soup. Hakim Bi suggests bringing in external help as aides–Pir Qaisar, that’s who.

I know, I know, it’s a bad idea. But then, everyone agrees to it. We all know this isn’t going to go well. So, the two meet behind a veil.

Pir Qaisar demands to marry Jahan Ara, and suggests that Roshan Ara be named as the new Badshah Begum just so he could marry Jahan Ara.

Yeah, right.

Look at the shock on Hakim Bi’s face. I bet she didn’t see this coming.

Jahan Ara is mighty pissed, as one would expect, what with the dagger and all.

Qaisar is unperturbed, though.

This scene totally belonged to Zara Noor Abbas. I liked how she raises her voice when Qaisar suggests marrying the Badshah Begum. It was almost as if she had forgotten her calm and composure. When Qaisar retaliates, however, his voice was low and weak. The dialogue was very well crafted, but his delivery faltered. It wasn’t the delivery that would quiet Badshah Begum. It was quite tame. Zara, on the other hand, changed her expressions ever so slightly as the situation changed. Full marks for Zara. What a controlled perfromance this has been.


Since this drama is more women-centric, Zulekha, now Mrs Shahzeb isn’t tame, either. Apparently, she isn’t too happy with her father, either. She knows that her marriage was only part of a power game. Does she want some part of this power? I think so.

Zulekha isn’t happy that Shahzeb has decided to move out of the haveli. And, she confronts her husband when she learns that Qaisar has met Badshah Begum. Shahzeb tries to quiet his wife, but Zulekha stands her ground.

To rub salt on Shahzeb’s wounds, his friend also tries to add his two cents, but Shahzeb is like: bakwas mat kar bey.

Farhan Saeed and Taniya Hussain, both are so freaking good in this scene.


Bakhtiyar’s mother wants to let the world know about the injustice happening in Piranpur. Stupid Roshan Ara has agreed to betray her family and bring everything out on the media. The two women have only their selfish motive in mind, but they will both fail, is what I assume. Bakhtiyar doesn’t know about this alliance, but I’m sure he will never forgive either women when he finds out.


Waiting for more drama.



Except for Yasir and Saman Ansari, everyone else’s performance was on point. These two people… I don’t know. Yaasir’s delivery is too casual, and it lacks something. Saman’s delivery is too enunciated, and it is a bit of overdose. If they balance out, that would be great.

As usual, it was a treat to watch Zara Noor Abbas, Farhan Saeed and Hamza Sohail. What nuanced expressions yaar, I’m a fan of them.


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