Drama Review | Paristan | Episode 11


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Paristan Episode 11 Written Update & Review

 Amanullah has brought a thief home, unknowingly. While the thief is following Amanullah, Mehreen mistakes him to be the plumber she’s been waiting for. 


Kamali’s love story comes to an abrupt stop as Arzoo asks Kamali for some money, fifty thousand only. Kamali disconnects the phone. Poor Kamali. 


Haseena continues to show her greed when dadi shows her jewellery to Haseena and Ujala. Haseena has decided in her head that Ujala and Arsam will be hitched at all costs. 


So, the engagement is finally happening. I like Arsam’s comments for Pari, and Arsalan sounded almost as if he is doing one of his famous “weekly review”. Anywho! 


What happens next is just a series of mishaps and confusions that leads to utter chaos. Shehzeen’s lehenga has not arrived, Arsam and Pari go out to get it without a phone, the tailor isn’t at the shop, they run out of the patrol, 


 On the other hand, thiefs are outside the house, lurking, looking for an opportunity to attack. When they enter the house, everyone takes them to be magicians nobody had hired, and hand over every piece of jewellery. Babar and Ujala who had left earlier, come and save the day. The goons run away leaving the loot behind. Bada hi koi tain tain fish end hua itne drame ka.


Azar and Mehreen finally run into each other much as we had expected. They both put up their egos…well… Mehreen more so than Azar. I’m excited to see their story progress. So so excited. 


This episode was quite fast-paced. Too many things happened. While most of it added nothing to the plot (the whole daku incident felt forced and unnecessary), some of it has promises for the future. Pari and Arsam’s little ride has finally given Arsam a chance to smile. 



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Shabana Mukhtar