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I know, I know, I know… I had vowed to not watch this Desi Game of Throne, gruesome, awful, terrible, cruel and often cringeworthy drama. But then, apart from Qaisar, there are other characters I have gotten attached to, so denouncing this drama doesn’t seem fair. Also, I have received a green signal that this episode doesn’t have anything to tick me off. So, here I am, with my review of Badshah Begum Episode 7, that nobody asked for.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Badshah Begum Episode 7 Written Update and Review

Jahan Ara asks Bakhtiyar to go back from Piranpur. Bakhtiyar doesn’t want to go, yet. Roshan Ara knows everything. She meets Bakhtiyar and threatens to tell everyone. Of course, Bakhtiyar is too naive to pay attention to Roshan Ara.


Murad is after Gulnar, like a mad man. He’s following her, but Jahan Ara’s unexpected entry saves Gulnar. I have a feeling that Gulnar and Jahan Ara will be pretty tight in future.


While Shah Mir’s gaddinasheeni ceremony is going on, Shahzeb is out in the jungle hunting. This tells us just how much he hates this decision.



Now, it’s time for Badshah Begum’s crowning ceremony. Hakim Bi’s monologue filled with analogies was so boring. We learn a lot of gruesome and awful rituals, reet and riwaj. This drama is dark, I knew it before going in, but I hadn’t expected it to be so dark and so heavy. Jahan Ara and even the rebel Roshan Ara are shook when they hear this. Jahan Ara even wants out. She even packs her bags, but her father Pir Shah Alam talks her out of it. He wants Jahan Ara to avenge her mother’s untimely death (Shahzeb’s mother slit her throat out of jealous), and change things for the better. I think he doesn’t understand just how much power is now vested in Jahan Ara aka the new Badshah Begum.

As Badshah Begum, Jahan Ara takes her first decision. She lets go of the old ritual regarding “mulazma e khas” of Badshah Begum. And in that moment, we all knew, Piranpur will see many shocking changes.

On the other hand, Shah Mir, the guy who doesn’t even want to live in Piranpur is now the gaddinasheen. He listens to Bakhtiyar’s plea, and his love confession for Jahan Ara. I guess his first decision as Pir would probably be about marriage of Badshah Begum.


This drama might be dark and gory and gruesome and gross, but this does have a premise that can’t be resisted. Sure, we still have the age-old winning recipe for dramas as two sisters are vying for the same man, but this is so much more than romance and revenge drama. There is a power tussle and war of egos between many siblings and each one has a different motive.

Also, the cinematography of this drama is nothing I have ever scene. I have seen grandeur earlier but the shots of this drama are just so perfectly placed. Shahzeb walking inside the masjid and saying Takbeer-e-Tehreema to lead the prayers is one of the most beautifully shot scenes, ever.

As the story progresses, we will see others showing off their acting prowess as well. I’m already impressed by Farhan Saeed and Zara Noor. I want to see more of Shah Mir / Hamza Sohail and Roshan Ara / Komal Mir.

Zara Noor Abbas has become someone else in this drama. Her voice, her expressions, her dialogue delivery, everything has changed. I had my reservations about her when the drama was announced, I mean, when the teasers were out. But our girl has proved me wrong, and I’m happy to be proven wrong.


Alright, time for Hum Tum Miley Na Jane Jaanan Rab Da Faisla… Neha is about to do her first good deed of her life.



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