Drama Review | Paristan | Episode 4


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Paristan Episode 4 Written Update & Review

Kamali is insisting Pari to meet his lady love Arzoo. The two get to fighting in the middle of the street and guess who finds them like this? Arsam, no prizes for guessing. 


Ujala and Haseena pay dadi jaan a visit, and the first impressions aren’t so good. Haseena doesn’t like the portraits on the walls, while dadi jaan also doesn’t like Haseena. She has a soft corner for Ujala, though. We all know what that means–Ujala for Arsam. Just how many misunderstandings would we see?


Amanullah convinces Zubaida to work for Arsam’s family. On the other hand, once Ujala offers to iron Arsam’s shirt. If Babar wasn’t in the scene, I would have shipped Ujala with Arsam. They make a better couple, ahem. 


Mehreen has set one family apart in the previous episode. In this episode, she convinces Kamali’s mother that Kamali’s father must be cheating on her. Mehreen might as well open a divorce agency. 


Babar is such a funny man. His witty one-liners for Pari are just too good, the best thing about this drama, if I might add. 


Ali Safina and Mira Sethi are the best. 




Does anyone notice that Aymen Saleem is in a new outfit every time? This doesn’t go well with her character who lives on Ujala’s rejects. Just saying.


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