Drama Review | Dobara | Hum TV | Episode 24

A little recap of episode 23

So, Mahir is back to living with Babar.

Dobara episode 24 written update and review

So, Mahir has left the house, and now things are getting better at Mehrunnisa’s house. Seher suggests that everybody should just let things slide. Durdana phupho agrees. Might as well, because it was their scheming that has forced Mahir to leave the house. If Affan keeps bringing up Mahir, then the lies might just come out in the open.
At office, Affan cancels all projects that Mahir has begun in association with Fareed, despite Safdar Saheb’s genuine concerns. Even Mehrunnisa tells Safdar to let Affan to do as he pleases.
Later, at house, Mehrunnisa tells Affan about Hidayat’s first love and first wife. This is the first time Affan learns about his father’s past. The mother-son duo has finally reconciled. It was a very long scene that tried hard to make us emotional, but it didn’t work. I think it’s because Hadiqa and Osama both lack the depth of expressions and emotions. Both disappointed me.
We see Minal and Zameer after long (it has been a couple of episodes). Zameer pesters Minal to seek some financial help from her mother, but Minal says no. I think it’s about time that Zameer’s true face comes out in the open.
Now, as for Shanu… She comes back from village but Shabbeer doesn’t let her in. She comes to Nayyara’s house. She tells her everything that has happened so far. I heaved a sigh of relief. Things might just get better.
Adeela and her daughters happily invite Mahir home. Mahir is just so arrogant that Jehangir slaps Mahir, and this slap was much-needed.
Bilal Abbas Khan, my goodness, what a talent he is. And that scene between Mahir and Jehangir was tbe highlight of this episode. Loved it, simply loved it. After 3-4 episodes, I enjoyed Dobara.
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Shabana Mukhtar