Drama Review | Paristan | Episode 8


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Paristan Episode 8 Written Update & Review


So, now that Pari knows the truth about Arsam, she is talking all nice things to Hamza and Numa (I keep hearing Hamza Numa, so I guess their names are that. I have never heard of Numa, though. But I digress. Pari is talking all nice, and Arsam overhears, as he always does. Bas then, he comes and asks Pari to leave. Bada hi sakht dil insaan hai.



Pari tries to impress Arsam by bringing kheer, but the timing isn’t right, so Arsam insults her again. I tell you. If I had a rupee every time Arsam yells at Pari, I would be richer. The stress is on -er, because I’m already rich. Haha. 


 Asad Siddiqui is here, people. Even though he was only in two scenes, I loved those two scenes. Azar was friends with Arsam’s late brother. So, now we have the perfect excuse for Azar and Mehreen to run into each other often. 


Ujala and Babar’s romance is the best thing about this drama. It’s very few and far between, but when there is. It’s sooooo good. 


Mehreen is becoming a bit annoying now. Mehreen and Naveen’s acting both. Earlier, it was only Javeria Saud who was over the top. Now, Naveen has joined forces as well. The way she reacted when that girl came to borrow match was just so bleh. Her wardrobe is very impressive, though. Nice colours, churidars with churidar sleeves. 


Arsalan Naseer, uff, itna koi handsome laga hai na iss episode mein. Banda roz ba roz mazeed khubsurat hota ja raha hai 😀


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