Drama Review | Pyar Deewangi Hai | Episode 1

Pyar Deewangi Hai | When Love Is Snatched Away

The story revolves around a beautiful girl, Rabi, and her cousin Mateen, who is also her neighbor and love interest.

Written By: Misbah Ali Syed

Director: Aabis Raza

Produced By: Fahad Mustafa

Producers: Big Bang Entertainment

[Source: ARY Digital]

The Premise

Rabi is a high-spirited girl who is in love with her cousin Mateen. I would go as far as to say that she is madly in love with Mateen. Mateen, also feels the same about Rabi.

Rabi gives Mateen letters every time they meet. Mateen warns Rabi that one day, these letters will ruin everything, between them. If you guys are smart readers, this is definitely a foreshadow.


Mateen is your typical berozghaar larka. He doesn’t have a permanent job so he does small labor work for people in his neighborhood.


Meanwhile Dawood, who I think is obsessed about Rabi. He spots Rabi and Mateen get off the bike and oh, someone is just reeks of jealousy.

Sami Khan just gives off stalker vibes and I love it! Reminds me of a desi spinoff of the Netflix Series, You. He even reaches Rabi’s home and tries to get as much information about Rabi, her engagement from Saima, Rabi’s mother. Creepy!


So a little back story of Mateen and Rabi. So they have been engaged since young at the insistence of Rabi’s dad. Mateen’s mother, Naseem, was compelled to agree to the proposal since Rabi’s father was dying. But Naseem is not in favor of this proposal.


Naseem has her own set of complexes.

For starters, she is a dark-skinned lady. Not that it is a problem. Dark skinned people are beautiful! Take Lupita N’yongo as an example. But I digress.

As I said, Naseem has her own complexes. She is extremely jealous of Rabi. Because Rabi is beautiful.


Long story short, all things go south when Naseem finds Rabi’s letters under Mateen’s pillow. Bas phir, Naseem is all charged up and ready to fight.


Naseem reaches Saima’s home and starts creating a scene. Both Saba Faisal and Gul E Rana are so good! Their confrontation scene was just so spot on but so ugly. Naseem exposes all the shenanigans Rabi has done and demands her engagement ring to be returned.


Saima returns the ring to Naseem, much to Rabi’s reluctance. And Saima burns all the letters. That scene where Rabi is heartbroken and her junooni comes out. Superb performance by Neelam Muneer!

Drama Review

I was initially planning to not watch this drama or review it. But then, Sami Khan gave psychopathic vibes in it and I love dramas which go that route.

Secondly, after watching Ishq Hai last year (what a horrible drama!), which was directed by Aabis Raza. He also directed dramas like Jalan and Aulaad, of which I didn’t hear great reviews. Hence, I decided, I will not watch another drama directed by him again. But guess what haha.

Thirdly, the cast seems decent, I always loved Sami Khan and seeing him getting out of his comfort zone recently excites me. Like in Dil Zaar Zaar. And he has surprised me here.

This would be my first Neelam Muneer drama. So far, so good, I’m liking her performance.


Final Verdict

The premise excites me and seems like a thriller. I would give this a go. The storytelling also seems compelling.


Until then, look out for my next review!