Mann Aangan | Episode 9

Mann Aangan is a unique story of a house where the eldest and the only son-in-law is running the household. The younger two sisters and his mother-in-law are so dependent on him that he even decides where they’ll be studying and where not.

Writer: Nadia Ahmed
Director: Hisham Syed & Salman Sirhindi

Mann Aangan Episode 9 Written Update & Review

Welcome to my blog, where I review the 9th episode of the popular drama series, “Mann Aangan”. This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions, and I was completely drawn into the story from start to finish.

Remember the lukkha who follows Rimsha’s van? He’s now coming to her house and throwing letters inside. Incidently, Saqlain is around every time. The second time, he even catches the guy. Instead of reprimanding him or beating the shit out of him, Saqlain asks him to improve his handwriting. In short, he wants to put Mahi and her family into a position that makes him look superior. This is a very “wakr buddhi manoos” , a shrewd man and Mahi is right to not trust him.

Mahi joins her office, and from the first meeting itself received some sexist comments. I like how she handled the conversation. But she sends another important and strong message across much later.

In this episode, Mahi was appointed as the new head of her department, which didn’t sit well with some of her colleagues. They began to question her abilities and even made baseless allegations about her character. Despite this, Mahi remained calm and collected, and refused to let their negativity get to her.

This episode also introduces Faraz, who heads commerical division and he will assist Mahi. I like how the power dynamics are reversed. I mean, almost always we see the man being the superior one while the woman reports to him. It is a pleasant change.

One of the standout moments for me was when Mahi, the female protagonist, took a stand for herself when her subordinates raised questions on her character. Mahi is a strong and independent woman who has faced many challenges in her life, and this scene was a perfect example of her resilience and determination. In a powerful scene, Mahi confronted her subordinates and shut down their accusations, proving that she was more than capable of handling the responsibilities of her new role. Her confidence and self-assurance were truly inspiring, and I found myself cheering her on as she stood up for herself.


I like Anmol’s wardrobe. The anarkalis she wears are to die for and make her look more stunning.

Overall, I think this episode of “Mann Aangan” was a great example of how a strong and independent woman can overcome adversity and rise to the top. Mahi’s character is a great role model for young girls, and I hope that her story will inspire many more women to take charge of their lives and achieve their dreams.

In conclusion, if you haven’t already watched this episode of “Mann Aangan”, I highly recommend it. The powerful performances, engaging storyline, and inspiring message make it a must-watch for anyone who loves a good drama.


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