Drama List | Kinza Hashmi

Mirror, Mirro on the wall

Who’s the prettiest of them all?

Kinza Hashmi…

I adore her, and have watched so many of her dramas. Even though I don’t agree with her choices (almost always plays the damsel in distress), she is still a fine actress and so so pretty.

Here is a list of her work in the order that I have seen.

Joya in Deewar-e-Shab

She was Saad’s love interest, very interesting and powerful character who suffered at the hands of her own family

Anaa in Haqeeqat | Episode 1 | Daghabaaz

A yateem girl who can’t think of anyone else except herself.

Dil Awaiz in Dil Awaiz

Titular character who receives hate from everyone including her father

Azmiya in Mere Ban Jao

The girl who is so madly in love with her fiance that she does questionable things to win his approval

Haya in Hook

In love with Zayan, married to Jaafar, the girl who had nowhere to be.

I like her. PERIOD. Which one of these are your favourites?

Shabana Mukhtar