Deewar-e-Shab Cast and Characters

Deewar-e-Shab is a drama based on book. I will be reviewing the book sometime soon. Review is posted.

The drama cast is lean. A couple of really upsetting tracks are eliminated. Let’s get started.

Sitara Jahan & the residents of Sitara Mahal

Bushra Ansari as Sitara Jahan

Nausheen Shah as Nageena

Sitara Jahan’s elder daughter


Zara Noor Abbas as Feroza Jahan

Sitara’s younger daughter. She runs away and gets married to Yousuf first wife. They have a son together – Khayyam.

Mohsin Abbas Haider as Faiz Ali

A guy who lives at Sitara Mahal and helps to fix musical instruments.


Asma Abbas as Dildar Begum

Sitara’s sister and a vengeful rival

Zainab Qayyum as Gul Naaz

Dildar’s daughter

Sarah Elahi as Almas

Gul Naaz’s daughter. she grows up to be just like her mother and grandmother – jealous, boasting, and full of negativity

Sarah Khan as Gaiti Aara

Nagina’s daughter, Sitara Jahan’s granddaughter. She likes Khayyam but falls for Salaar when Khayyam leaves Sitara Mahal.

Hira Soomro as Sandal

Nagina’s daughter, Sitara Jahan’s granddaughter. She studies somewhere.

Tara Mahmood as Shaama

Te ever-so-loyal house-help


Shahroz Sabzwari as Khayyam Yousuf

Feroza’s son & Sitara Jahan’s grandson

Syed Mohammad Ahmed as Ustaad Faraghat Baig

Izhar & family

Saleem Mairaj as Izhar


Shaheen Khan as Shakera

Faiq Khan as Salman Izhaar

Kinza Hashmi as Joya Izhaar


Amna Wajahat as Gul

Islam & family

Sabiha Hashmi as Izhaar and Islam’s mother
Daadi, Islam’s mother

Kamran Jilani as Islam

He is a clerk, honest at work and a socialist who works for orphan kids. 

Saima Qureshi as Shaista

She is a nice woman at heart. But, Shakera’s constant taunts and humiliation makes her bitter against the entire family. Her hatred grows to the point that she doesn’t even care about Ma’az and his feelings for Joya.

Osama Tahir as Ma’az Islam

Anmol Baloch as Rabiya Islam

The ever loving sister Rabia.

Salaar & family

  • Hammad Shoaib as Nabeel


Yousuf Kamal & Family

  • Raja Haider as Yousuf
  • Mariam Mirza as Sameera Kamal, Yousuf’s second wife

Ayesha Toor as Zubia

Sameena’s daughter and Salman’s wife. She’s an arrogant snob who treats people like insects. She’s blunt, rude and a little bit crazy.

Ayesha Rajput


  • Shamayel Tareen
  • Amna Ilyas
  • Akbar Khan
  • Zeeshan Khan
  • Sajid Shah
  • Talat Shah
  • Saife Hassan as Afsar Bhai, a director, Salaar’s friend who give Sandal her break