Alif Episode 2

Alif is not just a book or drama. It is a phenomenon that makes Pakistani Drama viewers crazy. The first episode aired on 5th October and had a massive craze about the drama. The second episode is released a few hours ago and here is my review for the same.

This drama is based on a book. You can read the book review here.

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Plot Summary

The title track is catchy, btw.

Momina reminisces about her breakup with Faisal. Osman as Faisal will have limited screen time but he makes his presence felt.

Momina and Faisal
Momina and Faisal Breaking up

We see Hamza in his trademark black salwar kameez and he looks handsome as ever.
Master Ibrahim isn’t just a calligrapher. He is an institution in himself. I had imagined a slightly older man, but hey, Saife bhai is so charming.

Neha introduces Zoofi to Momin but he doesn’t give a shit. We see a show biz party at his house when his grandfather makes an entry. I had envisioned Abdul Alaa clad in kurta pajama and topi, but the on-screen persona is different.

We go back in the past where young Momin meets his grandfather and they find out that Taha is missing.


سب اللہ کے ہیں۔ بس مومنہ اللہ کی نہیں ہے۔

I hadn’t liked this line. But something happened in past two weeks and I can totally understand the sentiments. When you’re heartbroken, you may begin to lose faith in His blessing for you. It is still wrong, though. One should be Sabir and Shakir.

Hamza looks great in black, doesn’t he?

Pahlaj is terrific actor, especially for his age. He looks sad, vulnerable and oh-so-cute.
Omar Darr plays Shakoor, perfect.

I keep watching the OST and trailer. I can’t wait for Ahsan’s entry. Though I don’t like his acting much, this teaser promises that he has done a great job.

Since I know the story, the novelty, mystery and curiosity is missing. I feel the excitement nonetheless as each scene from the book plays out on screen.