Alif Episode 4

The fourth episode is live.  Here’s my review for the same.

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Plot Summary

Momina goes to Lahore for audition.

We see Abdul Alaa meets Ibrahim. We see Master Ibrahim repairing a shoe, but he lets go of his charges when he sees Abdul Alaa. Abdul Alaa is worried about his legacy and the path that Momin is on. Momina comes to seek his blessings, and sees Abdul Alaa. I don’t recall this happening in the novel.

Momina’s travel and accommodation is arranged by Aqsa. I wish we all had friends like her.

صراطِ مستقیم پر چلا۔

Momin and Abdul Alaa confront about life and the path of righteousness. Momin claims that he has all the success in life; whereas Abdul Alaa claims that Allah knows him, as he writes his name for 16  hours a day. Irritated Momin asks him to go back.

The track from past shows Husn-e-Jehan dancing. Momin is not happy with their new life style. He falls from the tree in his attempt of escape. Momin’s birthday comes up and parents of other kids find out about Husn-e-Jehan. Momin’s friends stop talking to her and he vents out his anger on her mother claiming she is a bad woman.

Momina auditions and is asked to extend her stay in Lahore. Back in Karachi, Jehangir is fighting the last battle of his life. 


Neha and Momin’s relation are on rocky planes. Momin refuses to talk to Zoofi, and Neha avenges it when he goes to meet her. Really? We know that he will avenge the insult, and soon.

The teaser of next episode also shows that Momina will get the part, and will lose her brother.

See you in next review.

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