Drama Review: Alif Episode 5 – Tragic and Emotional Outburst

The fifth episode is live.  Just as the previous episodes, this was a visual treat. The previous episode hinted on a big tragedy coming up. I was all set for crying my eyes; but the episode surpasses the tragic quotient. Without much further ado, here’s my review for the same.

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Plot Summary

Respecting Momin’s words, Abdul Alaa returns to Turkey. Momin is finalizing the cast of his upcoming film, and we know what that means. Neha would soon learn her lesson.

Momina gets one lakh rupees as advance. She is finally grateful to Allah. She is signing the contracts as Jehangir fights his last battle for life. Too late, though. Jehangir is no more. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raje-un.

Suraiyya has lost her mind, and is singing a lullaby. And, Momina reminisces about Jehangir.

The bill is 3.75 lakhs. It was heartbreaking to read when they struggled to arrange the money to get the dead body. To see it on screen just rips your heart. I cried buckets, again. I am a cryer. I don’t need very many reasons to cry.

۔سلطان : گھر میں کوئی قیمتی چیز ہے
ثریا: جہانگیر ہی تھا۔

داؤد: قسمت بدل سکتے ہیں ہم، رسمیں نہیں

On the other hand, Abdul Alaa’s conversation plays in Momin’s head over and over again. 

Neha and Zoofi are celebrating that Momin has finally caved in.


See you in next review.

Shabana Mukhtar