Drama Review: Azar Ki Aayegi Baraat


Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat is a Pakistani comedy-drama from GEO TV. The show was telecast in Pakistan in November 2009. It had a ensemble cast and stars oh so many terrific and beautiful actors. Javed Sheikh, Saba Hameed, Bushra Ansari, Shehryar Zaidi, and Samina Ahmad are only some of those names.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Cast and characters

The characters can neatly be divided into two categories based on their residence- Karachi and Faisalabad.

Note: I have not included any pictures because the YouTube clips were bad quality.


Mehr-un-Nisa (Samina Ahmad)

She’s the head of the household. Although getting old, she is fit, fashionable and oh-so-classy.

Rabia Ahmad (Saba Hameed)

Mehrunnisa’s daughter. She runs a business and is independent, just like her mother. Her sceptical and obstinate behaviour has not worked well for her marriage. She has been separated from her husband for past eight years.

Faraz Ahmad (Javed Sheikh)

Faraz is Rabia’s husband. He is an established actor, and flattery comes natural to him. It had often caused stirs in their married life, eventually leading to separation.

Ana Ahmad

Faraz and Rabia’s elder daughter. She is married and lives in Australia.

Sila Ahmad (Sarwat Gilani)

Sila is Rabia and Faraz’s daughter and engaged to Azar Chaudhary. Though her mother and elder sister detest Faraz, Sila secretly keeps in touch and invites him for her marriage.

Laila Chaudhary (Sana Askari)

Laila Chaudhary is one of Sila’s best friend.

Sukaina Mela (Uroosa Siddiqui)

Sukaina Mela is also Sila’s friend. She’s obese and her weight it often ridiculed by her friends, in a banter-y manner. No hard feelings.

Nabeel (Raheel Butt)

Nabeel is the fourth member of the group. He gels well with the girls, until he realizes his feelings for Sila.


Arjumand Rahim plays Soniya, Faraz’s colleague and alleged affair.


Nazeer Ahmed Chaudhary (Shehryar Zaidi)

Mr Chaudhary, a businessman who owns a pressure cooker factory. He likes wating Punjabi movies and dance etc.

Saima Chaudhary / Fehmida (Bushra Ansari)

Saima as the flamboyant and effervescent Saima Chaudhary. She’s a self-claimed popular designer. She likes wearing bright colours, loud makeup and is just as loud and boasting.

Azar Chaudhary (Hassan Niazi)

Azar is on orphan who lives with his Taya Nazeer and aunt Saima.

Waqar Chaudhary / Vikki (Asad Siddiqui)

Waqar is Nazeer and Saima’s son. He is married to a Indian Punjabi girl and lives in London.

Dolly Chaudhary (Natasha Ali)

She’s Nazeer and Saima’s daughter. She is engaged multiple times and each time breaks the engagement for some reason, except when she was engaged to Azar. That was the, only time a boy called off the engagement. She’s a flirt and a bit moody.

Plot Summary

Sila lives in Karachi with her mother, Rabia and her maternal grandmother, Mehr-un-Nisa. Mehr-un-Nisa is head of her family. Rabia and Faraz are separated for eight years.

Azar lives in Faisalabad with her uncle and aunt. Azar and Sila are engaged and are about to get married.

The Chaudharys arrive in Karachi for the wedding and the functions begin. Saima Chaudhary is in her element and she chooses Laila to be her daughter-in-law. She doesn’t hide her intentions and makes Laila uncomfortable as hell.

The festivities are in full progress as Faraz makes an appearance. Rabia loses her temper and Ana gets upset. However, Mehr-un-Nisa warmly welcomes him. The Chaudharys have a shocking news as well. Waqar arrives in Karachi to attend Azar’s marriage, with his wife Neetu.

Saima demands that Waqar should propose Laila. Waqar chooses this moment to announce about his marriage. Soniya, Faraz’s friend comes to attend the wedding and things get more bitter between Faraz and Rabia. Sila fears that her wedding would end up just the way her parents’ did.

More drama and comedy ensues but Faraz and Rabia rekindle eventually. Dolly starts to like Nabeel. Although Nabeel likes her back, he is still very confused about his feelings for Sila. Dolly confesses to him but he doesn’t encourage her.

The last song

It needs a dedicated section, because it is a thing. The last episode shows on song where everyone comes together and dances. It is the most fun time of the entire season. Apart from the family members, it also features Faisal Qureshi, Mahnoor Baloch, Imran Abbas in guest appearances.

Finally, Sila happily marries Azar.


The drama got me hooked from the first scene, when four women are standing on the terrace wearing sunglasses and pass commentary on someone.

The story line is simple, almost resembling a sitcom and every scene has the potential to tickle your funny bones. The story progresses along the side.

The main plot line, of course, is the wedding of Sila and Azar. That would’ve been too simple, right? Worry not, because there are plenty of subplots that carry other characters’ story forward.

  1. There is the tiff between Faraz and Saba. Faraz is an actor, and flattery comes natural to him. Saba doesn’t like it and their marriage is on the verge of falling off the cliff.
  2. Dolly was once engaged to Azar and that light banter adds to curiosity. Will all be well? Will Azar’s wedding be ruined?
  3. Nabeel, the fourth member of Sila and gang has realizes that he likes Sila more than as a friend. However, it is too late now and he struggles to keep his feelings in check.
  4. Dolly starts to like Nabeel but he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings.

Azar and Sila do get married. The drama, in my opinion, isn’t just about the wedding. It is about spending time with a variety of characters and witnessing their journeys.


When you have an ensemble cast, and that too with such big names; the performances are spot on.

From Sameena Ahmed’s young at heart Nani to Saba Hameed’s slightly uptight Rabia; from Uroosa Siddiqui’s portrayal of Sukaina to Sana Askari’s Laila; everyone has done justice to their roles. Even as Shahab, he looks the part, although he doesn’t have much screen time.
I was delighted to see Sana Askari. I have seen her perform before and the girl amazes me every time. Asad Siddiqui looked like a gaplu baccha. I was like he sounds good and familiar. Reminds me of someone. Until I saw him in Main Thha Marjaniyan, I didn’t know he was related to Adnan Siddiqui.

Of course, the review cannot be complete without mentioning Saima Chaudhari.
What a character she is! I will be honest. I have seen a lot of Bushra Ansari’s work and I always have a mixed feeling. Sometimes, I feel she acts a bit much and it shows on the screen. At other times, she totally becomes the character.

Parting Thoughts

It’s addictive, and as soon as I finished this, I went on to binge the sequel. I liked Wassay Chaudhary for his comic timing, but I started respecting him as a writer after watching this.

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  1. I had seen a very poor copy on some YouTube channel. It was not a great viewing experience but the series and the characters grip you nonetheless.

  2. B_Gairika says:

    Being an ardent fan of Mohammed Ahmed’s writings, I have been desperately searching for this series in YouTube since long. I would appreciate if you could tell whether it is available online. Thanks.

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