Drama Review: Bulbulay Season 2


Bright colours, loud background score, overacting and slapstick comedy, if you were missing it, Bulbulay is back with the whole new season Bulbulay 2.

Are you telling me that you don’t know what Bulbulay is? Read my previous post.

The main cast is reprising their characters.

Cast & Characters

Nabeel as Nabeel

The protagonist and modern day  Shaikh Chilli. He does not want to do anything and wants to make millions without lifting a finger. He married rich – Khoobsurat, and since living on her money. 

Mehmood Aslam as Mehmood Sahab

Nabeel’s former roommate, who has since married his mother Mumtaz. They still live together.

Hina Dilpazeer as Mumtaz (Momo)

Nabeel’s mother and Mehmood’s wife.

Ayesha Omer as Khoobsurat

Nabeel’s wife. Her father bears the expenses of this household. She’s aloof, nakhrili, and classy. She doesn’t usually participate in Nabeel’s schemes.

Faatima Nabeel as Chandi

Nabeel and Khoobsurat’s daughter

Nyle Rizwan as Sona

Mehmood and Momo’s son; Nabeel’s half brother.

Tariq Butt as Butt Sahab 

The police inspector who has nothing better to do except coming to Bulbulay House whenever they need him.

Ayaz Khan as Sher Khan

Mehmood’s Pathan friend who likes getting married.


The kids have grown up and apart from Ayesha looking slimmer and a bit older, the other three characters have not changed much. The kids make their appearance when the script needs them. But are conveniently studying at hostel.

The first episode begins as the family arrives at their new rented house, which looks the same to me, except a few things moved around and camera angles are changed.

The format has not changed much. The male duo still comes up with silly ways to get rich, momo still willingly participate in their scam and Khoobsoorat still opposes everything that Nabeel suggests. The jokes haven’t changed much, either. I was hoping to see more variety with new witty one liners for Nabeel and Mehmood. The second season has not excited me enough to keep watching it. However, it did help me find another similar show, which is relatively new and refreshingly different. More on that soon.

Shabana Mukhtar

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