Drama Review: Chhoti Chhoti Batein – Bandhan

Chhoti Chhoti Batein It is a series set to narrate disjoint stories, highlighting the small issues that often tend to ignore. Does that sound familiar? Read this.

The story is written by Saima Akram Chaudhary, a fine writer who gives us quality Urdu content.

It is directed by Angeline Malick and is being aired on Hum TV.

The first story is complete and here is my review for the same.

Episode 1 Plot Summary

First episode reveals the six characters and their relationships.

Salma, Raza and Fahad (Zahid Ahmed) are a family. Salma is a bit aggressive. Her husband has sort of made peace with it. Fahad is a mama’s boy – a very handsome mama’s boy, if I must add. He has a sister Nida, who is married and lives in London.

Bisma (Yumna Zaidi) lives with her dad (Saifee Hassan), who she lovingly addresses as Abbi and her mother Nayela. She is a working girl and is very sweet.

The two families are neighbours.

Salma is a show-off and likes to interfere with Bisma’s life and constantly tortures her mother for lack of a good match for Bisma. Tired and irritated of this whole charade, Bisma plans a prank to reject Salma’s son. It sounded like a nice idea but poorly executed. What guests start to insult right from the word go? Who parades like a model when they are asked to walk? What father tolerates it, not knowing it was all a joke?

And the obvious plot hole – 25th anniversary and the daughter says she is 24 years 6 months and 10 days. That does not look good even for a premature baby ;+)

Episode 2 Plot Summary

The second episode shows that Bisma and Fahad are getting to know each other. There is a bit of drama on both sides. Salma is really overdoing it. The chemistry between the couple, however, is nice. Saifee Hassan is cute, as always. I just love the man. He is so good in whatever role he plays.

Episode 3 Plot Summary

The third episode shows that both Bisma and Fahad are aware of their attraction to each other. After a bit of back and forth, Fahad proposes to Bisma. When she comes back home, she finds that he is engaged to someone. After some misunderstanding all is well and the love birds are happy. The family decides to meet.

Another bout of drama is ensued when Salma says she isn’t feeling well and cancel on them.

Episode 4 Plot Summary

The fourth episode is about the marriage. Ah, the dreaded moment comes and Salma declares that she wouldn’t allow his son to marry bisma. It was expected but the execution was poor. Bisma mother keeps on saying the same thing that it’s embarrassing in front of relatives. Fahad takes a stand for Bisma.

Salma does a lot more drama in the days to come and Bisma behaves like a perfectly level-headed girl who knows what is the right thing to do.

After some more days, and after Salma overhearing Bisma being nice to her even behind her back; she starts to change.

The last scene is a fight between Fahad and Bisma where Salma intervenes and supports Bisma, in her usual over dramatic manner.


I applaud the attempt at highlighting the trauma that girls go through because of rejections. I think the message was too subtle and blended with too many other things. It should have been a bit obvious and more realistic. Showing on family asking Bisma all  the question was not enough. Bisma came off as a bully in that case. There are other cases where the girls cannot even say a word and are rejected just like that. I would have loved to see one of those. But, anyway.

I loved that Bisma is portrayed as a contemporary extremely positive and normal person. She doesn’t get too upset. She doesn’t get overjoyed. She handles all situations calmly especially Fahad’s proposal.

You go girl.

You can watch it on YouTube. Stay tuned for my review of the next story in the ‘Chhoti Chhoti Batein’ series – Mujhe Tum Pasand Ho, starring Mohsin Abbas Haider and Ushna Shah.

Assalam Alaikum and Allah Hafiz!

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