Chupke Chupke | Ayeza Khan All Pretty Dresses in Chupke Chupke

We all know that Ayeza Khan puts a lot of effort in defining her characters’ looks. She ever does her own wardrobe. In Chupke Chupke, we see her in casual wear and tradtional wear, both. And, she rocks both looks.

Episode 1: Simple Meenu

Episode 14: Meenu’s Dress for Faazi’s nikaah (Her own nikaah, lol)

Faazi & Meenu’s first date

Episode 16: Meenu gets ready after her Rukhsati

Episode 19: Meenu in the maroon dress

Episode 30: Meenu’s Dress for Haadi’s Mehendi



It’s a green anarkali with golden work. has a lot of such dresses if you ever want to create this look. Watch this:

Episode 30: Meenu’s Dress for Haadi’s wedding

Ayeza looks so pretty. She rocks that shocking pink dress. I hate that colour and yet I loved it when he wore it.

Shabana Mukhtar