Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 13 Review

Even after the whole drama, Faazi wants to marry Haniya. That look that everyone gives him – from Miskeen to Mirchi, and from Kishwar to Gul. It places Faazi to his place.

Amidst dramatic music, Kishwar suggests that Faazi aur Meenu ka nikaah ho jaye.

The most predictable plot twist ever.

For various reasons, they all agree, except the bride and the groom.  

Ayeza and OB act well. They both look angry, upset, and devastated at the same time.

Now, both families are sitting in their respective houses as we hear nicely written lines from Faazi and Meenu alternately. Sharp writing, I wike it…

Meenu dreams that on their wedding night, Faazi asks Meenu the difference between scalar and diagonal matrics, and some integration formulae. Again, very smart writing. Actual Mathemetical concepts are mentioned. 

Meenu and Faazi both make coffee and stand in the balcony, both thinking that the other is happy about the wedding. 

Mirchi, as usual, uploads Meenu’s wedding pictures from Meenu’s account. Faazi reads the comments and is furious.

The episode ends as Waleed comes home and Meenu mistakes him for a thief.

 Shabana Mukhtar


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