Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 15 Review

Both Meenu and Faazi are pondering over the events of the previous episode. Why don’t they talk to each other like Mishi and Haadi?

Haadi is angry and is off to confront Faazi. Of course, just as one would expect, he runs into Mishi. They get to talking and for the first time, we hear Haadi’s plans, at least a glimpse of it. He does have plans to talk to his family about Mishi. He does think about Mishi. Awnnn! Arslan has acted well in this cute scene.

When he learns that Faazi isn’t happy about the whole “there will be no baarat and this rishta is over” shit, he suggests that Faazi and Meenu should meet and talk about it. Waleed and Haadi have fill support. What a supporting brother he is!

And, he looks so handsome in white shirt.

Next, we see him complaining to Mishi.
“I support Faazi Bhai completely,” Mishi says.
“Because of me?” Haadi asks cheekily.
And she nods.
One of the most memorable moments of this drama so far.

Meenu and Faazi are off to their arranged date. Meenu hugs him as eve-teasers say shit about her, Faazi beats them. They talk on the way. Bottom line: whatever the reasons, they will not break their nikaah. Yet again, OB’s smile steals the scene.

Bade Nawab, late Nawab’s elder brother sets the two sokans and forces them to keep the wedding plans as is. He also fixes Haadi’s proposal with some Natasha from their relatives. When Haadi and Meenu learn about it, they are both upset. Would they be able to talk to their elders?

Mani makes his entry as Armaan aka Mani, Rumi’s husband. He is angry all the time.

Best scene:

Haadi doesn’t greet Amma and she is shocked.
“I had readied walaikum Assalam,” she says.

Perfect timing!

Until next time, stay safe and stay home.

Shabana Mukhtar