Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 2 Review

The second episode’s review is here. For cast, please read here.  

Mishi falls from the stairs right when the family is heading out to see a girl – another girl. Miskeen insists on cancelling the visit somehow. Does he not want Faazil to get married? I don’t know yet.

And, in the other house, Haadi’s proposal is also coming. Why are girl’s parents visiting? Isn’t it the other way around? The family is not very nice and they bluntly reject Haadi. Munda kuch karta nahin na…

Both Haadi and Faazil want to setup something at their own – you know, have a fling.

There is someone else who wants to get married and secretly likes someone – Mishi. She likes Haadi and often flirts with him. Nice! Let the drama begin.

Is Arslan is a bit loud or is it only me?  

Wait for the third episode’s review of Chupke Chupka.

Shabana Mukhtar


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