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Alrighty… Time to review the 29th episode of Chupke Chupke. This drama has gone viral, huh?

This time I forwarded the episode to seven minutes later. And, it was perfect timing. That’s where the new episode began.

So, Meenu has decided that she doesn’t want to be a puppet in her elder’s hands. And, she has suffered enough insults and heartbreaks.

“I don’t want to live with him,” Meenu says and leaves.

She’s serious this time. I like her. At least someone has guys to stand by their words, unlike the two male leads who do nothing.

Kifayat, the man who always calculated even pennies all his life, lets go of ten lakh rupees just for his daughter’s happiness. And that moment is not even highlighted in any sort. I loved it – very subtle, but conveyed the message.

The conversation between Kishwar and Meenu touched my heart. Meenu is suddenly so mature and philosophical.

Meenu says, “If a man can’t say right from wrong in front of women of the house, he can’t do justice with any relationship in life.”

Bhai waah! Our heroine has learned a lesson or two. She is serious about her life, even begins to prepare for her exams now. Ustad ji will be happy, haha.

Miskeen talks to Gul. Gul supposedly spent her life at her parents’ house to be with her siblings but now her siblings blame her (and I don’t blame them).

Miskeen brings up these points to convince Gul to return to Sadiqabad, Miskeen’s native place. It is funny how things look different from a new point of view. For Miskeen, Gul is the victim. Oh, and she may have a good news, too.

Faazi and Haadi also bury their hatchet, as they discuss their individual predicaments. Love the scene even Faazi gives Haadi a bear hug. Brilliantly executed!


The episode ends as Meenu and Faazi meet at the terrace one last time. For the first time, Faazi calls her Maneeha. For the first time, I think Meenu should have been a bit considerate.

Does Faazi convince Meenu to refrain from Khula?

Does Meenu consider her decision?

Would Haadi be able to find Mishi before the deadline?

We will know in the next episode.

Parting Thoughts

I think I understand why Gul is the way she is. After her parents passed away, she lived with her grandmother and younger siblings to look after them. She must have been over-protective of them. While looking after them, she slowly got habituated to taking decisions for them. So much so, that even after they grew up, she cannot let go of her habit.

Gul thinks that she is right in controlling their lives. Now that Mishi and Faazi have started blaming Gul for her incessant interference, she feels bad. I sympathize with her. If her siblings had taken a stand for other things, she would have seen the reason. But, they are doing this for love, making her more irritated. Now, she pities herself that she gave up her life for these siblings.

I am not saying the drama should have been written differently. All I am saying these are the lessons we should take from the drama.

I understand Gul’s predicament, because at some point, I was also guilty of doing the same. But hey, I was in school at the time, though; and I learned my lessons pretty early.

Three Things That May Happen In Next Episode

1.Gul will be pregnant

2. Bade Nawab knows where Mishi is, because she spoke to him before leaving the house. He must have asked her to leave, who knows!

3. Gul will realize her mistakes, and her siblings will apologize as well

Can’t wait for chand raat. I want to see if my predictions are correct. Hey, I am a writer, too. I can cook up a story.

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Shabana Mukhtar



  1. Yep, two very good looking people…

  2. Liza says:

    yes exactly !! although i’m really gonna miss feenu and tbh i’m kinda crushing hard on obi hahaha sigh gonna miss him and also i have a girl crush on ayeza too god she’s so hot… gonna miss both of them🤧

  3. I agree. Suno Chanda was a disappointment except for Shahana’s character. This story, too, is mostly complete. Haadi will find Mishi and get married as bade Nawab promised, Meenu and Faazi will reconcile, and they all live happily ever after. No sequel…

  4. Liza says:

    don’t know why i can’t reply to the comment. thanks for clarifying !!! also tbh i don’t think there should be sequel no… i think it will ruin the story and tbh i don’t think the story needs to be told and dragged (like suno chanda 2 but i liked it tho)
    i’m pretty satisfied with this season i don’t think there is a need to have a sequel, but even if they do i’ll still watch it lol. what about you !!

  5. Do you think we should have a sequel?

  6. Oh, he implied that Gul was not always this bitter and harsh. His family, apparently being from a small place, were always arguing. Gul had to resort to their ways to cope up with her situation.

  7. Liza says:

    Also there was a part where miskeen says that Gul was always soft spoken and apparently Gul’s susraal waalo had smth to do w her change in behaviour?
    What is that all about?

  8. eid mubarak to you as well 🙂
    eid will be tomorrow here in India, but thanks 🙂

    i think she is habituated to taking decisions for others. not cool, but she thinks she is doing the right thing.

  9. I know. Earlier shows, like Ehd-e-Wafa used to to come with subtitles. You can always ask me 🙂

  10. Liza says:

    also the reason why i keep asking you to translate/explain to me is cuz i’m actually an NRI in Singapore, my native language is malayalam but i know hindi. recently i’ve started to watch pakistani dramas and got super addicted and my urdu has been improving, i can understand simple sentences but not complex ones. it sucks that these shows on youtube mostly don’t come w subtitles

  11. Liza says:

    Hey !! firstly eid mubarak to you shabana 🙂 also man after yesterday’s episode, i was so restless, i couldn’t sleep the entire night 🤧 everything was so heartbreaking and i couldn’t see meenu like this sigh
    anywho i wanted to discuss w you about smth.. if you have the time, can you explain to me why you think Gul aapa is the way she is? i know miskeen said smth but i think i have the gist but i want to be sure
    thanks a lot dear !!

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