Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 9 Review

Time to review the first episode. For cast, please read here.      

Meenu wants to talk to Ashar to clarify that she’s a decent girl and he should call off the engagement.

The whole shipping mall scene is a bit over comic. I mean… It was not funny. It was forced. Neither party like anything and argue unnecessarily. Meh!

And finally the scene for which we waited for this episode – Gul spots Haniya with Faazi. Gul scolds Haadi unnecessarily. Kare koi bhare koi… Bhai waah!

The showdown scene is okay but not as funny as I had hoped it to be. The good thing is, Mishi lies just so Gul won’t insult Haadi. Awnnn!
I don’t understand why Haadi is so confused. Mishi almost tells Haadi about her feelings but then….ek nawa katta

I like Faazi’s line:
Haadi says, “Gul appa will break my megs.”
Faazi says, “I will get you a new one.”

Ayeza is so pretty… Meenu tries to talk to Ashar who is too rude. So, she decides to meet him in person. And guess what?

Faazi is there show the card to Ashar and get the approval. Dayam! Very funny scene. Love it! OB and Ayeza both have nailed it… Super!!!

Oh, this episode has the first ever slightly emotional scene. Mishi’s phone call is still going on while the whole family is discussing things. Bebe taunts Haadi, he loses temper, Kaneez tells about kifayat’s thoughts about Haadi and Mishi, and Haadi says: “I never look at her that way.”

Oh, burn! Poor Mishi.

I want the next episode NOW!

Shabana Mukhtar


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